Where did they go?

Jen here.  I was going to let the monkeys blog today, but I couldn't find them anywhere (hee, hee).  I thought I heard utterances of "put some sauce on it" coming from the box on the chair and a foul odor every once in a while would emanate from the same general area, but I just couldn't find them.  But I must say what a nice quiet day I have had today.  Got a lot of work done, did some knitting, read a while.  All in all I had a nice day.

What, I hear something..... "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn, Iron Chef is almost on.  Can we come out of the box yet?  We have been hiding all day.  It's time to put some sauce on it"

Oh, I guess monkeys.  It is about that time of the night.  Just give us an hour fart free, please.  (I know it isn't going to happen, but I can always hope, right?)

I wonder what is in store tomorrow?


This Mom

Are you aure they weren't put in time out so you could have a monkey free afternoon??

My kids always can play for hours with an empty box. they come up with the most inventive things for it to be, bus, boat,rocket, house. it give me time to blog and it is way cheaper than toys.

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