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Jen here.....

So, at work, I have been at a data training for the last 2 days. Being a computer (or just plain) nerd I got a lot out of the discussions and learned a lot about my school. We analyzed data from students with disabilities, low SES (socio ecomomic status), gender, race, etc. It was quite fascinating to see how our students percive their teachers, school climate and their education.

Here's the thing. On Thursday, I had a pack of small blue sticky notes (I borrowed/found at work). I am one of those anal retentive people who don't like to write on the actual paper until I know that the information is 100% accurate. I got to the inservice today and my sticky notes were gone. I had to borrow them from someone else (who is also anal retentive like me). When I came home, I found out where they went.

Go figure. Minkees are curious creatures! I should have known better than to leave something like that out that could be found.....

By the way, it was awesome! We had the greatest time playing with those stickies. We hid them so we could play with them later. Shhhh, don't tell Jen.....


This Mom

When I was working i LOVED stickey notes.

By the way, Blue is so the boys color. It brings out thier eyes.


Every child loves sticky notes. Multicolored ones are better. Check with Grandma she might have some you guys can play with.



I love the picture of the minkee that is stuck to a minkee head! Love it!

Mama Dawg

So that's where my stickies went to. I'll have to check under my cats bed or in the squirrels cage.

This makes so much sense, now.

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