Macho, macho, minkees

Macho, macho, minkees.... We want to be some macho minkees.....
Macho, macho, minkess.  We have to be a macho....
Sorry, we were channelling the Village Minkees
B-man and G-mo here.  While Jen is away at work today we are going to do some construction around the house.  We were thinking of making some cosmetic additions to our executive suites.  We may live a plush life, but as all spoiled celebrities, we feel that we need some useless additions just to make us feel more important.  We were thinking of maybe putting together some bunk beds (G-mo does NOT get the top bunk by the way).  I hope she doesn't mind.  I am sure she won't.  Let's get to work.



Why don't you add some monkey bars?

Candid Carrie

Please tell me you have tiny tool belts, please! Oh, and construction boots.

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