We're Alive!!!!

Well, as alive as two knit monkeys can be!

We are actually quite lucky!  If you read about our antics yesterday, you would understand why we were in so much trouble.  Check it out Part 1; Part 2.  We kinda deserved Jen's anger, we did take the headboard apart.  Luckily we came through unharmed.  The worst part was that we weren't allowed to watch our favorite show, DDD, and Guillermo couldn't put any "Sauce on it".  We also now have rules that we have to follow for the next two days.  It really sucks, but like we said we deserved it (is that enough times saying it?  Sorry.  We are just curious little minkees)

Here are the rules:

  1. No Hats :(
  2. No Food Network (so we can't put any sauce anywhere)
  3. No executive suites.  I guess we did destroy them.
  4. No playing in the laundry
  5. No playing with anything from the tool box EVER AGAIN
  6. And we have to be beer monkeys for the next two days.  One of them wants a brew, we have to go and get it.
It is going to be a rough couple of days, but we can manage.  I think we got off a little easily for what we did.  We learned our lesson.  Now, lets watch some T.V.

AAAAAWWWWW, Jen left us the wrong remote.  D*MN IT, now we have to crawl to the t.v.  Maybe Brian will hook us up before he goes to work.


Mama Dawg

I wanna beer monkey!

Mama Dawg

And a money monkey

Mama Dawg

and a hot single guy w/no strings attached monkey.......that sounds weird, right?


B & G, sometimes when I want to be a Mean Mommy and make my kids do something that I probably shouldn't (e.g. beer kids), or not let them do something that I probably should (e.g. paint), I save it up until they do something wrong. Then I use their misbehavior as an excuse and doing/not doing what I wanted them to do/not do as a punishment. Is it possible that Jen is doing this to you? If so... um, I'm not sure what my point was.

I have to go find out what happened to my beer kids.

This Mom

Man I get busy for a few days and you boys get into all kinds of trouble.

well at least you aren't in time out in the corner again.

Candid Carrie

That's overkill on the punishment. I would forbid them from saying the word, "suck" and then Brian and Jen should work harder to be better role models.

What if you had to constantly answer to your creator, huh Jen?

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