Abort Mission, I repeat abort mission!

Oh, Sh*t!  Jen is going to be home any minute from the volleyball game.  We left the executive suites a mess!  Abort mission, repeat abort mission!!! I am going to hide!  When she sees the mess we made today, there is going to be hell to pay!  I hope she doesn't find me!

I am going to try for the cute angle!  She can't be mad at me, look how adorable I am in her shirt.  One look at me and she is going to say mess, smess!  We'll be fine!
Jen here!  OMG boyz what did you do to the bedroom?!?  Why is the headboard taken apart?!?  How did you get those tools!  Do I have to start locking the cupboard?!?  You get in there and clean up that mess before I unmake you!  That's right, I have a seam ripper and I am not afraid to use it!

Um..... ladies and gentlemen......  We will be back for tomorrows post (hopefully.  Love you Jen)  We have some serious cleaning up to do and we may be busy for quite some time.  See you tomorrow.  (that way, we have witnesses in case we don't show up again)



He looks a little scared in that last picture! By the way, I have that same chair in my house. Go easy on them.

Candid Carrie

I can't believe you would show a picture of a minkee in a plastic bag! I am calling M-CHIPS. Monkey-Child Protective Services. I swear I'll be fostering them little suckers before you know it!

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