Look Familiar Linda?!?

Last year for Christmas, Jen's friend and co-teacher knit her this lovely coffee cup holder to keep your hands from getting too warm.  Well, Jen doesn't drink coffee, so I decided to put it to use.  I think it makes a lovely skirt.  When Jen came home and found me like this, she just walked by and shook her head.  I think she is proud of my creativity.  (I love dressing up!)  Bernardo wanted to get in the picture for some reason...  He's kinda creeping me out the way he keeps laughing and giggling at me.  Dressing up is so much fun!


Jen's gonna be mad

Jen left us again to go to yoga today!  It must be nice to be on Spring Break!  Anyway, we made our way to her sock drawer and check it out!  She must have just done laundry because we found soooo many socks!  It was hard to get all of these on our hands and feet (Brian helped a bit).  You can't see it, but we even have socks on our tails!!!  Hopefully she finds us so cute that she can't be mad.  But either way, don't we look AWESOME!!!


Om Shanti Monkeys

While Jen and Brian are off to yoga, Bernardo and I are going to work on practicing our mantra. Om Shanti Monkey.  Jen made us our own mini malas to help us become more focused and disciplined little monkeys.  Maybe once we are finished with our meditation, we can spend some time in the sock drawer and find something to wear on our heads... New mantra....Socks are awesome!  


You may be asking yourself, Why is Guillermo wearing toilet paper tubes...  I say why not!!!  Monkeys are curious little creatures and we like to have fun.  So what if I found these in the trash can, they can still be useful in making me a new outfit.  Today I am TP Man.  I have been flying around the apartment all day.  It's been fun, especially swooping down and hovering over Bernardo.  Sometimes I just like to annoy him.  I wonder if Jen & Brian will let me keep my awesome new outfit!


Playin' with Easter Eggs

As you can see, we started off with these on our heads. Thats me rockin the sunglasses.  Then, Bernardo made the suggestion to use the eggs as 'fart guards' to keep us from having to smell the noxious fumes coming from my little monkey butt.   Ha, ha isn't he funny.  In the last photo I don't know why Bernardo is wearing a kerchief on his head, or Oreo thinks he can lay and egg, or why Quinten keeps saying "We're from France".  All I do know is I put these pink headphones on to listen to some Pink Floyd, and they simply don't work!  Bernardo suggested I fart so we could all listen to Fog Hat.  What a butthead!

Stinky Elevator!

Jen, this elevator doesn't move and it smells like farts in here!  A little help please!!!

Jungle Adventure

This one time, when I was in The Jungle, I got stuck in a tree.  I had soooo much fun playing I forgot about being stuck. Eventually, Bernardo came by and helped me out.  He is such a good minkey pal!


Mississippi River Ride

We found these cool boats in Brian's closet this morning and decided to go on a river ride down the Mississippi.  I wanted to go on an adventure like Tom and Huck, but Bernardo got all offended and started muttering under his breath about not wanting to play the role of Jim.  So instead we pretended to canoe down the river like explorers.  We found a bicycle tire, a catfish, mud and more mud.  That got a bit booooring, so we decided we were pirates on the open seas.  We found a sunken treasure with all kinds of gems and gold doubloons.  It was awesome!  Being a pirate is fun! 


Monkey Business

We're up to some monkey business and business is good!  Today we were playing in the kitchen gadget drawer.  Guillermo wanted to be the tin man, so he grabbed the funnel and spent the afternoon singing "If I only had a brain".  He doesn't understand the irony of him singing that song!  I thought I would look cool with a measuring cup cocked to the side.  I'm like a little gangsta monkey!  Why do monkeys like putting things on their heads?????


Merry Easter!

When we woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground!  It's a cross between Christmas and Easter out there.  Fortunately the Easter Bunny found us and gave us our presents.  Can you see them.  Cadberry Mini Eggs!!!  We like wearing them on our heads,  don't we look cute?!?  Speaking of cute, did you see the bunny's feet.  I guess he likes carrots so much he had them tattooed on his feet.  Bunnies are weird.....

Slumber Party

We hear that at slumber parties you do each other's hair.  Well, we don't have any (thanks Jen!) So we had to improvise.  How do we look?  I think I look like a moose with these big clips on my ears.  I don't know about Bernardo though...  He says he likes butterflies.  I think he likes them a little too much if you know what I mean....  Slumber Parties are fun!



This is the monkey pit. Bernardo and I usually trade off nights when we watch t.v. (unless Lost is on, then we share.  That show can be scary sometimes)  Tonight was a tight fit, but we made it work.  Not to mention it was nice and warm with all of us in there.  We watched a movie, ate some popcorn, then played some strip poker.  When you only wear a scarf, it is a pretty short and uneventful game.....  The monkey pit roolz!


Seriously, Who Is Who?!?

Jen, Why did you have to make Bernardo and Quinten out of the same yarn?!?  I can't tell them apart and they keep making fun of me.  Thanks a lot. I think they are enjoying torturing me like this.  You know what, I think I am going to have to mark one of them so I can tell who is who like Michael did on "The Office".  What was that, look at their scarves.  Why?  Oh, Bernardo is wearing his rainbow scarf.  How did I miss that.  Silly Minkey!



HELP, I'VE BEEN MONKEYNAPPED!!!! These new guys think they are so funny. I accidently farted on the couch and these guys tied me up, gagged me and hid me in the sock drawer. (I don't know what their problem is, they know I'm a farty monkey.) They even wrote a ransom note. "Three bananas or you will never see Guillermo again." The least they could have done was ask for a banana for me too! Selfish little monkeys! The joke is on them. I had the best time in the sock drawer. The only problem was I couldn't put on any hats because I am tied up. It was fun squirming around in there though. Brian and Jen eventually found me from the 'odd smell' coming from drawer and the weird laughing they heard. I'm so glad they care about me. Those guys rock!

Spring Break!!!

Well, Spring Break has just begun here at the Gray house.  Jen will  be home for the entire week!!!   We have some serious adventures planed.  We are going boating on the Mississippi River, going to The Jungle, and having an underwater adventure in the fish tank just to name a few.  The best part is she brought home some buddies for us to play with and we are planning on a week long slumber party!!! (I hope I don't get Bernardo and his cousin Quinten mixed up, they look a lot a like.) This week is going to be AWESOME!





No Laughing Matter

O.K.  I learned my lesson.  NO MORE STICKERS!  Not only did it hurt like crazy having them ripped of my sensitive little monkey yarn, I started to fray a bit.  Jen said she may have to make me a new body if it happens again.  I really don't want that to happen, so I am sticker free from here on out.  I promise to be a good little monkey from now on, no more monkey business from me.....  However.... socks won't harm me, so they are fair game.  I think I might just go play in Brian's sock drawer with Bernardo for a while.  I wonder what's in there?


Stickers are awesome!!!  I can't believe that Jen left these out for me to play with.  When she got home from work today she just looked at me and shook her head.  I bet she thinks I look so cute that she doesn't know what to do with me.  Wait a second, what is that in your hand?!?  Are those tweezers???  Uh oh, she's going to pull them all off.  Man this is going to hurt...


I don't feel so good!

Well, as you can see I partied a little too much last night. I can't believe I put on my Captain Bananas Costume and my Evil Overlord Ears....  I really don't feel too good today. I found some of that corn beef and cabbage stuff in the neighbors garbage, but I think it was rancid because it tasted aweful and made me sick to my stomach. As for the green beer... don't do it. It makes you a drunk little monkey. It lead to more drinking, then some 99Bananas. I don't want another banana for as long as I live, or at least until this haze is gone. I have never felt this aweful in my life. My head hurts, my stomach feels like I'm on a roller coaster the light hurts my eyes and I have this taste in my mouth that won't go away. I'm going to go lay down in the sock drawer until I feel better. Which I hope is soon.....


St. Patrick's Day Prep

Oh boy, this is my first St. Patrick's Day ever! I am so excited. I hear there is this stuff called green beer that people (and monkeys) drink as well as corn beef and cabbage. I don't think we will be having that at our house, since no one here eats that, but maybe a neighbor will be nice enough to let me try some. I put a couple of beers in the freezer for Jen and Brian because I am a thoughtful little monkey.  Later we're going to play pool and darts in the basement and maybe play some Irish music and do some dancing. I don't know if you are aware of it, but monkeys LOVE to dance. You should see my MC Hammer dance. Its hillarious. Anyway, I will write more tomorrow and tell you all about my first St. Patrick's day......


Sock Blanket!!!

As soon as the laundry basket was brought upstairs we hopped inside and grabbed as many socks as we could and made a blanket.  It is soooooo  warm in here, especially since I farted.  And to top it off, we got a banana and I took the sticker and put it on my nose.  I love stickers.  I'm surprised that Jen let me put it on my nose after last time.  I'll have to see how far I can take this sticker thing...  

Good Book

We started off our morning rooting through the sock drawer to find some hats.  Then settled down with our morning tea and read a good book.  Our favorite is Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.  Today we read Bunny Big and Bunny Small.  I am sure you can figure out from the title what the book was about.  I'm not sure what we are going to do later, but it is laundry day and monkeys love warm socks fresh from the dryer.......  MMMMMM Hats!!!!!


Evil Overlord

I am the Evil Overlord, you will do my bidding! Today, I tried to break into the piggy bank to get all the money. But, NOOO... Captain Bananas was there and we fought to the death (or at least until i passed out.) I was trying to use my fart powers to blast open the piggy bank and get the money inside. But Captain Bananas was there to deflect my fart and keep me from getting inside. You know what he did? He deflected it right into my face. Have you ever been blasted in the face with noxious fumes? Well, its not fun. I woke up three hours later with the worst headach I have ever had. I think I smell bad too. I hate Captain Bananas!

Captain Bananas.....

Guillermo, I mean Captain Bananas here. Just spending the day saving the world from the Evil Overlord and his noxious gas fumes. Man, he stinks. Do you know how hard it is to get him to stop farting?!? Anyway, he was trying to break into the piggy bank and steal all the money using his fart powers. I deflected them using my SUPER BANANA POWER and knocked him out cold. When he wakes up from this one, he's going to be stinky for quite some time. Hope he doesn't come near me......



Chyna was awesome!!! Check out the hats we got!!! The people there are so nice, but we couldn't understand what they were saying. Thats o.k. because we also speak in 'cute' and managed to get by on our looks. We practiced our monkey fu and saw the Great Wall of Chyna. It was pretty cool. Did we mention the hats?!?


Nap Time

When Jen called at lunch and she said she wasn't feeling well, we got into monkey gear and got ready for her to come home and power nap (with us of course!)  We got out the blanket and her favorite pillow, put on our most colorful hats and anxiously waited for her to come home.  Then the best part, nap time.  We can be so sweet sometimes.  Plus, look at these hats!!  Any excuse to wear hats is good enough for us.... Hats are AWESOME!!!  


Bernardo's Side

O.K. Guillermo was right on most of it.  We were playing in the closet and found the ACE bandage.  It was also my idea to be wrapped up like a mummy, but not to scare anyone.  I thought it would be fun to be wrapped up and play around, maybe even go on a mummy adventure.  Anyway, just as Guillermo finished he started laughing because I look funny.  Then he farted which he thought was hilarious.  This lead to more laughing/farting and he fell off the couch and landed on his head.  I think he was a little embarrassed and when I offered to help he got defensive and huffed off.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that he is wearing and ankle wrap, but he eventually figured it out.  He's good little monkey,  I wish he wouldn't get so defensive and feel the need to embellish his stories....

Guillermo's side

Well, we were playing in the closet and found this ACE bandage.  Bernardo wanted me to wrap him up like a mummy and he could scare Jen and Brian when they get home.  I told Bernardo that maybe we shouldn't scare them, but he convinced me that we wouldn't get into trouble because we are so cute and cuddly that no one can ever get mad at us.  Well, I started wrapping Bernardo up, and as I was just finishing, I fell off the couch and landed on my neck.  It really hurt.  Now I have to wear this ankle wrap to keep my floppy monkey head stable.  And you know what, Bernardo just laughed at me.  He didn't help me up or anything.  Bernardo can be such a butt head sometimes.

A Little Help Please

Well, I came home from work to this.  All I could hear while coming up the stairs was giggling and farting.  (monkeys sometimes do that, at least in this house they do).  When I opened the door and saw this, I was speechless.  They will each have a chance to tell their side of the story, but I don't know if I am buying it.  Guillermo embellishes stories to the point of being unbelievable.  I usually trust Bernardo, but today, I just don't know...  You be the judge.


Sock Drawer

OMG!!!  The sock drawer was so much fun.  We tried on so many different hats.  We look so cute and cuddly that no one can resist us now!  But here's the best part.  Just when we were about done, Jen brought up a basket of laundry fresh from the dryer.  Guess what it was full of....... more socks.  They were warm and fuzzy and it was AWESOME!!!  Fun was had by all.  Every time Jen tried to put the socks away, we tried to put them on our heads.  I think she was getting mad, but we looked too cute and she gave up until we were done playing.  Have we mentioned, socks are awesome!

Lazy Sunday

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon.  We decided to work on a cross word puzzle together.  I thought all the four letter words were poop, but Bernardo showed me how to work the puzzle the right way.  It was hard, but I am just a monkey.  Hopefully Brian doesn't get too upset that we wrote in his puzzle book.  He will be pleasantly surprised that I managed to work the puzzle correctly and not just fill in words. Well, its off to the sock drawer to play for a while......



Hello, my name is Bernardo.  I am younger than Guillermo, but I am a more sophisticated monkey.   I keep him from getting into more trouble than he already gets himself into.  You should have seen him when he got stuck in a tree in the jungle.  Without me, he might still be there crying and farting today.  Anyway, I was actually supposed to be a Christmas present for the infamous nephew who started this whole monkey buisness thing, but I was having too much fun with Guillermo I didn't want to leave.  Plus, I am scared that his dog would try to eat me.


My name is Guillermo, and I like to go on adventures and have lots of fun.  My creator and her husband, Jen and Brian, take me with them when they go on trips.  We have lots of fun.  I can be naughty at times, but I try very hard to be a good little monkey.  No poo flinging anymore from this guy, let me tell you.  I like to play in my free time, which is all the time!  My favorite place to play is in the sock drawer as you will see later.  When I am done, I get out the camera and take pictures to document my fun and adventures.  So far this year I have been a super hero, an evil overloard, an Andy Warhol creation and many more.  I was a solo monkey for the first eight months of my life,  which is why there are more pictures of me.  But now I have Bernardo to keep me company and  we have so much fun playing in the sock drawer and going on adventures together.

Introducing Guillermo and Bernardo

A few years ago for Christmas we received a framed photo of a snow monkey from our nephew and since have passed "monkey presents" back and forth.  We now have a collection of over 20 stuffed monkeys and not a holiday goes by without a monkey somehow involved.  When my friend Mary found out about our collection she found me a pattern so I could knit my own monkey.  That is how Guillermo and Bernardo came into our lives.  They are 'cheeky little minkeys' that can get themselves into trouble at times, but are usually good little boys. They enjoy going on adventures and playing with socks.  This blog is dedicated to them and their adventures.

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