My name is Guillermo, and I like to go on adventures and have lots of fun.  My creator and her husband, Jen and Brian, take me with them when they go on trips.  We have lots of fun.  I can be naughty at times, but I try very hard to be a good little monkey.  No poo flinging anymore from this guy, let me tell you.  I like to play in my free time, which is all the time!  My favorite place to play is in the sock drawer as you will see later.  When I am done, I get out the camera and take pictures to document my fun and adventures.  So far this year I have been a super hero, an evil overloard, an Andy Warhol creation and many more.  I was a solo monkey for the first eight months of my life,  which is why there are more pictures of me.  But now I have Bernardo to keep me company and  we have so much fun playing in the sock drawer and going on adventures together.



I can tell you that being a superhero some days is highly overrated, so I'm glad to see you had a chance to be an Evil Overlord (especially since you had to give up the poo flinging gig)!

Linda S. sent me here and I'm so glad she did - y'all are linked on my blog now.

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