Friday Foto Finish 8.29

Is it Friday already?!? I guess it means its time for Candid Carries Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. Here is my entry for the week.

I have been back to school for two full weeks now. So far, this is the best one my husband has come up with for the boyz to hang out in.

Bernardo is sitting in a bowl of beads, which look like little minkee turds when I took him out. Guillrmo was sitting in a bowl of cut outs I have to make magnets this weekend. A couple of them stuck to his butt, which cracked me up when I took him out of the bowl.

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So, that happened

Jen and Brian were a.o.k. with the grooming aspect of our history lesson as well as how we determined the dominate male (which somehow turned out to be Bernardo?!?  Weird).  But there was quite the issue with the poop flinging.

You see...  Bernardo and I had an argument, and decided to try to resolve our issues with some poo flinging.  It just landed us in the corner thinking about 'our actions'.  Jen actually made us sit in the corner for 10 minutes.  Do you know how much time that is for a tiny minkee like me?!?!  It was torture!  We have learned our lesson.  No more poo flinging from us.  I guess we should leave some of our Simian heritage behind us.


When Jen is away

Now that Jen is gone all day, and Brian is taking online classes it is up to us to make our own fun.
Today, we decided to study our minkee heritage.  We got out a few books on Simian Behavior and tonight we plan on giving a presentation about all of the minkee characteristics we learned about.  We now have a good grasp on the proper ways of grooming, how to determine the dominate male, what 'our kind' does when we become angry, etc.  I hope Jen and Brian are prepared for the show!  We think it is going to be a hit.  Check back tomorrow to see how it went.


Iron Chef Marathon!!!!

OMG!!!!! Last night we watched a 4 episodes of Iron Chef. It was awesome. In order to watch appropriately, Bernardo and I dressed up the part. I was the saucier, do you like my ladle and chef hat?

Bernardo played the role of the sous chef. He wore the measuring cup on his head for quick measure and was ready on hand with the whisk.

What we really wanted to do was act as the Iron Chefs themselves, but we are too young (and tiny) to use the knives. Plus, we didn't want to cut ourselves and have to be repaired. We wouldn't be able to document our adventures in the meantime, which would suck!

It was an awesome night, and would like to leave you with this, our favorite phrase, "PUT SOME SAUCE ON IT!!!!!"


Ooohhh, Comfy!

If you didn't get to check out the photo of Jen's classroom comfy classroom library from Friday's Foto Fiesta on Aren't you glad your not me, here it is.  There were a lot of great comments that people left about the reading area in the classroom.

What you didn't know is the we broke the pillows in.  Guillermo seasoned one with his bodacious butt bombs, while I just spent the day chillin' like a villin.  We are a bit too scared to go to school this year, so we will have to hang at the apartment while Jen is at work.  We don't want one of the students to walk off with us.

We initially wanted to invite some lady minkees to come and join us on the comfy pillows, but Jen said that minkees like us are only male.  Jen also explained that minkees like us have to be knit and she only has patterns for boys.  Oh well, we like hanging out together.  We're best minkee buds.  Plus we do not, I repeat do not, want any cooties!


Friday Foto Finish 8.22

It's that time of the week again dear friends, Candid Carries Friday Foto Fiesta Finish.  I hope you are participating this week as well.

This little number was inspired by a recent trip to the MacDonalds with a group of teachers.  Mmmmm, those golden arches!  One got a Happy Meal so her son could have the little toy surprise inside.  I found the toy creepy and odd.  So, I had to do something with one.  On my way home today I decided to stage this little photo.  

We have Bernardo, I mean Captain Coconaut, here protecting scared little Guillermo from the evil Princess Leah Bobblehead toy.  What a wuss.  I like the legs flailing out to the sides of the box.  And if you haven't tried their apple dippers yet, you should.  Very yummy.


Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

That's right, today B-mo and I went back into our native habitat and did some "jungle fever" action! What's that? Er, Brian said maybe I shouldn't use that exact term....whatever. We were exploring the garden...um....jungle, I mean.

I know these hats aren't really "jungle-ready", but I seemed to have misplaced my Pith helmet. That's probably for the better, though, seeing as I can't go for 3 minutes with out giggling about the name. Man, it is really lush and green in here...steamy too! B-man said that we must be spoiled with the air-conditioning, and I think he's right! Everything is very beautiful though. Let's see if we can find a banana bush! Bush, tree, banana-vine, whatever the hell they grow on!

Bernardo took some time to smell the flowers. He is quite up on his botanical facts. He said that he believed the flower in this pic is a Day Lily. They don't have any particular smell. I gave one a sniff and promptly had a bug fly up my nose. Weak.

I think we found a banana tree. The bananas don't appear to be ripe yet, but that's OK...we likes em tangy! Bernardo is going to try and snag a couple for us.

Whew! Apparently B-mo isn't as knowledgeable as I thought. He took a big bite of "banana" and I thought he was going to explode....smoke was coming out his ears! Seems that it was some kind of hot pepper! I tried to be helpful and farted on him, but he was NOT very appreciative, so I left in a huff and pouted for a bit.

Hey, look at me! I'm a hippy! Bernardo forgave me and we explored even more. I found this sweet flower and put it in my hat. He said that I look like Minnie Pearl, but I don't know who that is. She must have a bitchin' hat though!

Then I farted.

It was a fun adventure, but we are tuckered out...man, the jungle is HOT. We're heading inside to catch our suds 'n' bubbles and perhaps a short nap. Gotta be ready for tonight...there's an Iron Chef marathon on!
Till then, remember kids:


When Jen is away

The monkeys will play.  

Oh, yeah!  Jen is off to work and we are here a playing!  We found these in the sock drawer and she's not going to be home until 5:00.  Kick butt, we get to play all day.  Being a monkey rocks!


Arts and Crafts

Since Jen goes back to full time life on Monday we decided to dig through some of her arts and crafts stuff before it heads back to school and see what we can make.  We decided on these:

We found all kinds of cool sticky letters and shapes.  I had to help Guillermo work on his sign.  He kept trying to put all the stickers on him and not his project.  I didn't want to hear him whine after the last time he got into the stickers.  Once I showed him that post and the outcome of destickering, he settled down and got to work.

They are going to be placed in our executive suites so we know who sleeps where.  I think they turned out pretty good.  What do you think?


Friday Foto Finish 8.15

I absolutely love this photo because I wasn't the one who took it.  I just found it on the computer after my hubby did the post Monkey Spulunkey.  This one he obviously had plans for but he didn't make get it into the post. 
I am getting ready to hand over the minkee blog rights to him for a while as I go back to full time employment on Monday and BLOGGER IS BLOCKED.  I may need a support group!

Make sure to stop by Candid Carrie to see who is playing in this weeks Fx4.  Good times will be had by all!


Munkey Spelunkey

Hello all!
This week G-mo and I had a great adventure. After the power outage a few weeks ago, we got pretty good with these flashlight thingies, so we decided to go caving. That's right: an adventure into the underworld, the depths of the Earth, into the ebony darkness. Or, as Jen and Brian call it: the Basement. Guillermo is a little afraid of the dark (though of course he would NEVER admit to it), so I let him take the bigger flashlight. He could barely carry the damn thing! We strapped on our Easter Egg......er....caving helmets, and down we go!

And so we descend! Looks pretty scary.....hmmmm

First we explored some sort of mesa or plateau. It was a strange reddish color, and had little cubby holes (just our size). Weirdest of all were some strange fossilized spheres that we could roll around on the ground. Guillermo was quite enamored with them, and I had to remind him: "Take only pictures, leave only footprints!" Here is a picture of him sniffing one...go figure.

Another suprising find: a yoga mat in the cave. How odd...do cavemen do yoga? Either way, it was a good stop for a rest and stretch. I did a little Down Dog while Guillermo played with.....Hey monkey, put that artifact back where you got it! I swear, you can't take him anywhere. Don't know where the mat came from....Jen, I hope it isn't yours, as it is quite dusty and cobwebby...you had better get back to practicing if so!

Some strange, cuniform, rune-like writings on the cave floor. I tried to decipher it, but my Egyptian is pretty rusty. G-unit tried to help by "putting some light on the subject", but after he swung his flashlight my way, all I could see was a big, green dot! I'm suprised he didn't set my fur on fire with that damn floodlight.

We had a major scare down there. Suddenly we were swarmed by huge mutated cave bugs! I ate a couple, but they tasted yucky. I decided that Guillermo and I would stand and FIGHT!


Guillermo....?? Where is that little turd?

Whew...that was a close one! I though the mocha minkee had deserted me, but he climbed up onto the mesa and used his banana powers to jump off the cliff and perform a manuver he calls "The Crop-Duster". I won't go into detail, except that it was pretty spectacular (and smelly) and that it seemed to have the desired effect!

Some sort of strange contraption...we got into the little "cars" but couldn't get them started. We tried pushing them, hotwiring, everything! Guillermo even got into his and went "Rummmmm....Rummmmmm". No dice.

This place is CRAZY! Another plateau....this one is green and has white lines on it. It appears to be some sort of ancient minkee-sized tennis court, but the rackets are huge! I tried an Andre Aggassi victory net jump, but kind of wiped out. G-mo was playing John MacEnroe and stood on the sidelines cursing up a blue streak. Then he found more balls...

Our triumphant return to the surface! We were all squinty and cob-webby, but all in all, it was a great adventure! Exciting, scary at times, but we learned much about this netherworld underneath our feet. Above all, we were carefull not to disturb this ancient region, so that future generations will be able to explore........GUILLERMO! PUT THAT BACK!


Award Love

We came back from vacation last week to some award love from Mama Dawg!  Personally it is our favorite so far.  We would have written about it right away, but a wire was cut in our area and we were internet free for a quite a while.

With that said... Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?

Maybe they've got incredible, original content. Or they're overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it's someone who simply inspires you to be a better person... or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well... why not tell 'em so?

In no particular order I would like to nominate Rachel from I'm a mom in real life for her daily dose of hilarity.

Lex the mom over at The Life and Crimes of a Mom simply because in a word, she rocks!

E & K at Subtle Bliss for keeping us updated about their time in India and for all things yoga.

And since I am tired AND like to break the rules the first two people to comment on this post can grab it as well.  

Thanks again Mama Dawg!

Helping out

With summer vacation winding down, we decided to help Jen out (while shes shopping for school supplies) by working on her knitting. Bernardo is doing the actual knitting while I read him the pattern. We even have a marker to keep our place.
Apparently this guy shes knitting is named Feathers McGraw, whoever that is. He's looks like a penguin with a red rubber glove on his head. Weird, why would you want to put a rubber glove on your head? Some animals are just plain strange. We just hope he doesn't stay around too long. He kinda creeps us out!


Friday Foto Finish 8.8

This weeks entry for Candid Carries Friday Foto Finish Fiesta is this lovely we took this week on vacation.  My husband did an awesome job taking it so the flash doesn't show.  The background is of the Galena Territory which is in a word, beautiful.

The reason I like this one so much is because it looks like it has a fake done with photoshop.  Thanks for visiting and we look forward to viewing your entries for this week as well.


Hey Ladies....

Hey there!  Looking for something to this evening?  Well, Jen, Brian and a few of the clan are going out for the evening and we thought we would throw a party!  There is just a tiny bit of margarita mix left, so byob.

Get ready to party on down.  Unfortunately we don't have our address, so just wander around Galena Territory for a while until you find us.  We'll be the ones hooting it up.

Jen, is there a disco ball?


Its Party Time

As soon as we made it up to Galena we just new what time it was.  Two words..... Party Time!  We found ourselves a couple of glasses and waited for Jen and Brian to pour us a few.  Which, by the way, didn't happen.  Those guys suck sometimes!  We made the most out of it though.  We went exploring the house while they brought in the bags and unloaded the groceries.  We were going to offer to lend a hand, but decided we needed to find all the cool things in the house first.

The first thing we saw when we made it to the basement was a fooze ball table.  We went into action  and played a few rounds.  In the end I got my butt kicked by Bernardo.  That minkee can play! 


Oh yeah, thats right.  I kicked Guillermo's tiny minkee butt at that game.  He was all whiney and crying, so I suggested we go over to the air hockey table and play a few.  Well, maybe that wasn't such a good suggestion.....

OMG!!!!!  Do you know what happens when you turn on an air hockey table?!?  Air comes shooting out of the little holes and makes things on the table float..... Including little 12" tall minkees.  You should have seen us flying across the table.  One time I was in perfect position and I farted in Bernardo's face which sent my flying across to the other side.  He however was not happy with me and I need to go make it up to him soon...

After play time was over (and I apologized a gazillion times)  we headed upstairs to take a nap in our room.  Who knew that playing could be so tiresome?  

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