Friday Foto Finish 8.29

Is it Friday already?!? I guess it means its time for Candid Carries Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. Here is my entry for the week.

I have been back to school for two full weeks now. So far, this is the best one my husband has come up with for the boyz to hang out in.

Bernardo is sitting in a bowl of beads, which look like little minkee turds when I took him out. Guillrmo was sitting in a bowl of cut outs I have to make magnets this weekend. A couple of them stuck to his butt, which cracked me up when I took him out of the bowl.

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It's a Monkey Potty!!! Hee, hee, hee.


LOL - that's funny - at least hubby is trying though. Perhaps motivate him to do one that is hilarious for blogland


Hey, he was trying to help you try to potty train those wild things!! LOL!


Oh, look. They have cute little ear muffs.


It looks like their on monkey sleds, especially with their cute ear muffs!


They both look surprised like they've been caught in the act!

Mama Dawg

Love the ear warmers!


They need rocket packs on their little minkee scooters!

Dee Light

Super cute little guys. Live the comment about the "monkey potty".


Monkey PooH! LOVE IT.


I'm all about the monkey potty comment :) ...hope the boys aren't too embarrassed about being exposed!!


They could tune in Tokyo with those ears! :-)
Such a cute photo...and glad you didn't discover real turds.

This Mom

I Love that they are potty trained. Or are they just teasing you like a toddler would do???


I can just hear them saying..."Doesn't anyone knock anymore???"


Please don't give me any jewelery made from "those" beads.


Woah! Two weeks already? That is crazy talk. I want some monkeys to take to my Spanish class. Preferably monkeys that come with sombreros and ponchos. Can you make that happen?

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