Ooohhh, Comfy!

If you didn't get to check out the photo of Jen's classroom comfy classroom library from Friday's Foto Fiesta on Aren't you glad your not me, here it is.  There were a lot of great comments that people left about the reading area in the classroom.

What you didn't know is the we broke the pillows in.  Guillermo seasoned one with his bodacious butt bombs, while I just spent the day chillin' like a villin.  We are a bit too scared to go to school this year, so we will have to hang at the apartment while Jen is at work.  We don't want one of the students to walk off with us.

We initially wanted to invite some lady minkees to come and join us on the comfy pillows, but Jen said that minkees like us are only male.  Jen also explained that minkees like us have to be knit and she only has patterns for boys.  Oh well, we like hanging out together.  We're best minkee buds.  Plus we do not, I repeat do not, want any cooties!



I bet Jen could give you a cootie shot with a BIG OL' KNITTING NEEDLE! Like a #16! ( 8O


noooo, that sounds too painful! We're fine with each other.


Oh, I love your library!

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