Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

That's right, today B-mo and I went back into our native habitat and did some "jungle fever" action! What's that? Er, Brian said maybe I shouldn't use that exact term....whatever. We were exploring the garden...um....jungle, I mean.

I know these hats aren't really "jungle-ready", but I seemed to have misplaced my Pith helmet. That's probably for the better, though, seeing as I can't go for 3 minutes with out giggling about the name. Man, it is really lush and green in here...steamy too! B-man said that we must be spoiled with the air-conditioning, and I think he's right! Everything is very beautiful though. Let's see if we can find a banana bush! Bush, tree, banana-vine, whatever the hell they grow on!

Bernardo took some time to smell the flowers. He is quite up on his botanical facts. He said that he believed the flower in this pic is a Day Lily. They don't have any particular smell. I gave one a sniff and promptly had a bug fly up my nose. Weak.

I think we found a banana tree. The bananas don't appear to be ripe yet, but that's OK...we likes em tangy! Bernardo is going to try and snag a couple for us.

Whew! Apparently B-mo isn't as knowledgeable as I thought. He took a big bite of "banana" and I thought he was going to explode....smoke was coming out his ears! Seems that it was some kind of hot pepper! I tried to be helpful and farted on him, but he was NOT very appreciative, so I left in a huff and pouted for a bit.

Hey, look at me! I'm a hippy! Bernardo forgave me and we explored even more. I found this sweet flower and put it in my hat. He said that I look like Minnie Pearl, but I don't know who that is. She must have a bitchin' hat though!

Then I farted.

It was a fun adventure, but we are tuckered out...man, the jungle is HOT. We're heading inside to catch our suds 'n' bubbles and perhaps a short nap. Gotta be ready for tonight...there's an Iron Chef marathon on!
Till then, remember kids:



Wow, you guys sure had quite the adventure today. Only problem is now G-mo is going to have a serious case of toxic butt tonight. I can't believe Brian let you have a hot pepper!

It looks like you two get along fine without me here babysitting you all day. Sigh.....

Candid Carrie

A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh.


I am so sorry I misread Bernardo. You are the one who ate the pepper. Poor little monkey. Get some tums before toxic butt sets in.


Guillermo, I know I said earlier you are going to have toxic butt tonight, well, thats every night. You didn't have the hot pepper, so you have no excuse.

This Mom

Wow they are getting quite adventurous. You guys better hide the car keys or they might try that too.

Jen- I was dancing with glee dropping Gavin off. You did notice I have five kids right??? Now I get 3 hours 3 times a week with only 1. What a treat.
I hope you are having a good return to school.

Mama Dawg

What, you didn't see any lion, tigers or bears? Wait, bears aren't in the jungle. Neither are lions, I guess.


You guys look like you're alfalfa farmers. Very cute alfalfa farmers.


Nice jungle...


my favorite adventure to date...


Love the garden...er, I mean Jungle. So cool! And the flower is the hat is adorable.

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