Monkey Q & A

Its time for this weeks installment of Ask A Monkey. Our first question comes from N.

N said...

Guillermo and Bernardo, Any luck with the lady minkees? They must be elusive 'round those parts. And by "parts" I mean....your little minkee harbles.

Collective Answer:  We would like to have some ladies around here, but Jen refuses to make any.  Something about little baby monkeys running around.  We're not anatomically correct lady.  And N, what do you mean by 'harbles'?  If its what we think it is we once again say we're not anatomically coorect.  We may have doodles, but really they are just our tails.

Jen said...

So, what celebrity monkeys do you have a crush on?

Guillermo says: Here are my top 10

1. Kate from Lost (I'd like to traverse the jungle with her if you know what I mean!!!)
2. Corey from Hell's Kitchen (she can cook for me anytime!)
3. Padma from Top Chef (hubba hubba)
4. Rachel Ray (YUMMO!)
5. Sarah Michelle Gellar (She can slay me anytime!)
6. Jessica Biel (run from the chainsaw, run)
7.  Lois Griffin (she is one saucy cartoon hotty!)
8.  Alicia Silverstone (that sexy PETA)
9.  Anna Paquin (She can try to drain my power, if she dares!)
10.  Rachael Bilson (the OC the size of little ol' me!!!!)

Bernardo Says:  My Top 10 Are:
1. Cat Cora (Greek Goddess of Gastronomy)
2.  Giada DeLaurentiis (Italian beauty)
3.  Stephanie our new Top Chef (I'll help you start a new restaurant!!!)
4.  Jessica Alba (lasso wielding vixon)
5. Elisha Cuthbert (I wish she lived next door!)
6.  Ali Larter (You can be my hero anytime)
7.  Jennifer Connelly (Best scene ever, when she is singing in Dark City.  Hoo, hoo, hoo)
8.  Eliza Dushku (I can turn this bad slayer good)
9.  Heidi Klume (have you seen the VS adds.  MEOW!)
10.  Megan Fox (the smokin chickie from Transformers.  Bernardo like!)

We thought we would add a little of why we like them.  Not monkeys, but I sure bet they would love a little knit monkey like us!

As always, you have a question, why not ask a monkey.  Instructions are on the right sidebar.  Email your questions to monkeyqanda at gmail dot com.

We look forward to your entries.


Candid Carrie

Fascinating. Did I see Bernardo in a convertible with Kate Hudson (How To Lose A Minkee In Ten Days) recently? The camera angle wrong and the photographer was clearly an amateur, but I would have sworn ...


Wow, we were trying to keep that one hush hush. Now the whole world is going to know. Oh well, Paparattzi here I come!

Lex the mom

I'm thinking the hotties that can cook are the best because you both know they'll feed you well!

Oh, wait - what do Minkees eat?


Interesting choices guys! Thanks for answering my question.

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