When Jen is away

The monkeys will play.  

Oh, yeah!  Jen is off to work and we are here a playing!  We found these in the sock drawer and she's not going to be home until 5:00.  Kick butt, we get to play all day.  Being a monkey rocks!



Oh man, when Cocoa Puff sees this he's going to think you guys fell into a combine. (That's COM-bine.)

Mama Dawg

That's funny. Y'all look 10 feet tall! Time to pull out the King Kong impersonations!


Don't you mean being a TOTALLY CUTE monkey rocks?


You just need a pair of sunglasses for then and they are Plastic Man!

Oh crap, my comic book nerd is showing again....

This Mom

Does Brian know that the sock monster in your house is the monkey? Ours lives in the dryer and is much more covert.


Plastic Man....Comic Book Nerd. Awesome.

Candid Carrie

BG - these posts are the only evidence of your possible existance. Must see pictures of you for further proof.


perhaps i spoke too soon; this is a fantastic display

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