Its Party Time

As soon as we made it up to Galena we just new what time it was.  Two words..... Party Time!  We found ourselves a couple of glasses and waited for Jen and Brian to pour us a few.  Which, by the way, didn't happen.  Those guys suck sometimes!  We made the most out of it though.  We went exploring the house while they brought in the bags and unloaded the groceries.  We were going to offer to lend a hand, but decided we needed to find all the cool things in the house first.

The first thing we saw when we made it to the basement was a fooze ball table.  We went into action  and played a few rounds.  In the end I got my butt kicked by Bernardo.  That minkee can play! 


Oh yeah, thats right.  I kicked Guillermo's tiny minkee butt at that game.  He was all whiney and crying, so I suggested we go over to the air hockey table and play a few.  Well, maybe that wasn't such a good suggestion.....

OMG!!!!!  Do you know what happens when you turn on an air hockey table?!?  Air comes shooting out of the little holes and makes things on the table float..... Including little 12" tall minkees.  You should have seen us flying across the table.  One time I was in perfect position and I farted in Bernardo's face which sent my flying across to the other side.  He however was not happy with me and I need to go make it up to him soon...

After play time was over (and I apologized a gazillion times)  we headed upstairs to take a nap in our room.  Who knew that playing could be so tiresome?  



Two knit minkees on an air hockey table, what could be more fun? G, I think you could make a Sit-N-Spin out of that air hockey puck-hitter thingy. (Sorry to get all technical.)


Farting on a hockey table probably has the same effect as in the hot tub?? Not that I would know : )

Mama Dawg

Ok, Jen, where were you with the video camera when he flew across the room from the force of his powerful fart?

Candid Carrie

When the minkees get back home they can invent a new game called hot air hockey and try to fart paper triangles over a goal post!

Yeah, I got ten bucks on Guillermo to win. And five bucks on Bernardo to pout.


So totally cute! Love these photos! Looks like a fun place.

This Mom

AAHHH I wish I was on vacation too. I could use a Margarita, if I drank that is. Oh those were the days. Maybe you could let the boys have one for me????

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