Friday Foto Finish 8.15

I absolutely love this photo because I wasn't the one who took it.  I just found it on the computer after my hubby did the post Monkey Spulunkey.  This one he obviously had plans for but he didn't make get it into the post. 
I am getting ready to hand over the minkee blog rights to him for a while as I go back to full time employment on Monday and BLOGGER IS BLOCKED.  I may need a support group!

Make sure to stop by Candid Carrie to see who is playing in this weeks Fx4.  Good times will be had by all!



Oh, my!




Poor Minkee...got caught up in one of his adventures or was he a victim of his counterpart's devious plan?!


He's just hangin' around, watching life go by! ;-)

Mama Dawg

There are so many scenarios running through my head that this could be photographic evidence of that it's making my hurt.

I love these monkeys.


Good luck going back to work. Hopefully, the monkies won't miss you too much:-)


He's definitely up to some monkeyshines!!


I think he was in the middle of a "Hey, look at me" when something went awry.


Those little monkeys are so cute!


Brian only loves those guys because their names start with his initials. Whereas I appreciate their intellect and their true minkee nature.

Nichole and Scott

DON'T MOVE OR THE MONKEY GETS IT! is running through my head as I look at that photo. Poor monkey! DON'T DO IT MAN! IT'S NOT WORTH IT! YOU CAN STILL MAKE THINGS RIGHT!....


Seriously cute! I had the theme from Mission Impossible going through my head while looking at that photo. Fun stuff I tell ya, fun stuff.

Swirl Girl

A stalagtite monkey...ouch


Did he just get a bath and he's drying out?

Blogger is blocked??? That is unAmerican!!!


That's some funny monkey business going on. Love the egg over his mouth. You guys are sooooo funny! I love visiting your blog. It makes me smile. Thanks for that!




We can counsel each other and be our own support group re: the lack of blogger. :( See you all too soon.

Hippie Family...

he looks very Matrix... I think he did that to hide out and swipe brownies or something!

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