Friday Foto Finish 8.1

Mmmmmonkey Butts. This is one of my favorite fotos of the two little guys. I am sure that there was some sort of Food Network show on. They are actually lying on my meditation pillow (which I was sitting on before I got up to grab something quick).
Well, you can't show the backside without the front, so here it is. Aren't they just adorable.
Don't forget to participate in this weeks foto finish fiesta over at Carrie's Place.

Side Note: We will be on vacation next week, but we do have most of our posts ready to go up at 7:00 AM for the week. We will catch up on our comments and our favorite blogs when we get back on Friday.


Candid Carrie

Aw, this has me emtionally moved on so many levels.

* I love minkee butts.

* I love minkee smiles.

* You are going to be gone?

* Are the minkees going with you?

* Will there be pictures?

Make me feel better, please.


Awwwww! Look at what well-behaved and dignified little minkees they are.

Ronda's Rants

Too cute!


IDK*, Looks like the minkeys are already on vacation.

*(I don't know), I'm trying out the new texting jargon in an effort to keep myself young and hip. I think its working, don't you?


Love the new look!

Tiffany McCallen

Who knew monkey heinies could be so cute?! Found you through Carrie...


How cute! Don't you love when the kids are quite and behaving?!


Such cute monkey bums!

Judy Haley (coffeejitters)

never fails, get up for just a second and there's a couple monkey buts in your seats. love the new look on your blog! have a great vacation.


Love monkeys -- I call my sisters baby monkey toes. She would love to have on of those monkeys.


Monkey butts. HAHAHA!


Man, I sure do love me some monkey butts!


It warms my heart to see the babies getting along so well. Always too cute!

Mama Dawg

There's just something about monkey butts right before I go to lunch.

Have a good vacaction!


Those guys are sooooooo cute!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I like the idea of taking over Ace of Cakes (one of my favorite shows by the way) but, I don't know that I am edgy enough:-) Hee, hee, hee.

This Mom

OOOOOH I just wanna squeeze those monkey buts.


Cute monkey butts!


Look how cute! Just make sure they guard the house while you're gone!


Who doesn't love a monkey!! Thanks for stopping by my site today! The secret to the eggs is now posted in my comments! Enjoy!

Hippie Family...

are they going on vaca alone? and if so, who drives? One of those unanswered questions...
the world may never know..


Aww!! Cute, cute monkeys!!


Luverly monkey bums!!!


Love those Minkee's...they put a smile on my face every time I visit this blog.

Have a great vacation.


Hey B&G -- who's going on vacation next week, all of you? If not, and you're going to be abandoned all by your little minkee selves, hotwire Jen's car and make a road trip down here!! We will have such fun, I'll make you some grilled cheese sandwiches and we can drink beer and watch the bug zapper.

Shhhh, don't tell Jen though!


awe love the minkees!! they are having a great time.

Have fun on your vacay!


Monkey bums! :)

K & E

Love the new Blog format!
You'll have to give us a tutorial!

Jane @ Kidzarama

They're certainly adorable, but based on past behaviour, I'd say they're planning some mischief for your week away.

Have a great time anyway.
We'll all help you clean up their mess when you get home. ;)


serioulsy...this photo is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.


Such cute monkey butts. Stole you seat hugh? Phatt (the three legged cat) does that every time I get up too.

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