Hey Ladies....

Hey there!  Looking for something to this evening?  Well, Jen, Brian and a few of the clan are going out for the evening and we thought we would throw a party!  There is just a tiny bit of margarita mix left, so byob.

Get ready to party on down.  Unfortunately we don't have our address, so just wander around Galena Territory for a while until you find us.  We'll be the ones hooting it up.

Jen, is there a disco ball?



Now that's what I call some party animals.


Freinds don't let freinds drive drunk! Will you drive me home?

Candid Carrie

Save a horse, ride a minkee.

I am so full of shame right now.


Love the animal print - the perfect glamour shot backdrop to get the ladies running to you!


A party? I'm there.

This Mom

I would come if I knew exactly where Galena was.

Mama Dawg

I'll BYOB, alright. Bringing my own Bernardo!!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist a little monkey fun.

A disco ball is much needed with those animal print backgrounds.

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