So, that happened

Jen and Brian were a.o.k. with the grooming aspect of our history lesson as well as how we determined the dominate male (which somehow turned out to be Bernardo?!?  Weird).  But there was quite the issue with the poop flinging.

You see...  Bernardo and I had an argument, and decided to try to resolve our issues with some poo flinging.  It just landed us in the corner thinking about 'our actions'.  Jen actually made us sit in the corner for 10 minutes.  Do you know how much time that is for a tiny minkee like me?!?!  It was torture!  We have learned our lesson.  No more poo flinging from us.  I guess we should leave some of our Simian heritage behind us.



Be glad that Jen is as kind as she is. If I'd seen you sitting like that I would've had to tie your scarves together.


Lucky for you boys that you didn't end up on Monkey Island. (I think that's the monkey equivalent of Alcatraz, and bit too harsh for the crime y'all committed.)

Mama Dawg

I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing! Poor Jen.

This Mom

See it is always better to solve your problems with WORDS. That is what I am trying to teach my 3 year old.

He is spending alot of time in his room because he just played in the corner.


I totally warned you....


Oh poo flinging is unacceptable! Bad mimkees


10 minutes seems awfully long, Jen & boyz. I have always heard the rule of thumb with kids was one minute for each year of age....and I doubt the monkeys are 10 years old. But maybe monkeys age differently than humans do (like dogs). Or maybe they really are just that naughty (like my daughter)!!

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