Helping out

With summer vacation winding down, we decided to help Jen out (while shes shopping for school supplies) by working on her knitting. Bernardo is doing the actual knitting while I read him the pattern. We even have a marker to keep our place.
Apparently this guy shes knitting is named Feathers McGraw, whoever that is. He's looks like a penguin with a red rubber glove on his head. Weird, why would you want to put a rubber glove on your head? Some animals are just plain strange. We just hope he doesn't stay around too long. He kinda creeps us out!



I want to know where you are getting the tiny red rubber glove :D

Mama Dawg

Oh, man, I smell trouble.


As I've said before, you are such helpful little minkees.

I'm going to have to do a post about Cocoa Puff soon... he had a little issue with the sock drawer.


Oh, Feathers Mcgraw is soooo handsome!

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