Getting Ready for Galena

We are getting ready to head off to Galena for the week.  It is a great little town with lots of cool shops.  I personally am looking forward to going to Poopsies.  Yep, that is the name of an actual store up there.  I can't say it without giggling!  
Speaking of giggling, Jen hasn't stopped since she came into the room and saw this.  I just wanted to be sure to take my goggles so I can go swimming.  Jen tells me I can't go, but I am going to work my little monkey mojo.  I think I can convince her. Wish me luck!


Mama Dawg

That has got to be the funniest picture I've seen in a while.


Don't forget your minkee sunscreen! And be sure to post the pictures of you in your Speedo when you get back.


monkey mojo?! Awesome!

This Mom

Dude, tell her you wil wear a wetsuit. Then maybe she will let you.


Hope you all have a great vacation!

Candid Carrie

Tell Jen to seal you on a one gallon ziplog bag and at least let you float for a while. You know, like the way you get a fish used to a new aquarium.




Hippie Family...

ok seriously, I am only picturing the after part in the water and lots of swelling.... now I am giggling again...
I wanna make this my screen saver!!

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