Home Alone

Well, Jen and Brian left for vacation so we did what we felt was necessary.  We donned some undies, hopped on the couch and grabbed the remote.  Bernardo is on a recon mission to get some beer from the fridge.  I hope he has the arm strength to get it open.
Well, that was a wash.  That fridge door was too hard to open.  We'll have to make do without any.  Lets see if there are any R rated movies on that we normally don't get to watch.....
What was that sound?!?  Is that the garage door opening?!?  They aren't gone yet.  Hide the Cheetos!  Get out of these undies before Brian sees us and makes fun....  "Oh, hello Jen....  What are we doing?  Um, just hanging out.  We thought you were gone...... Oh, you don't leave until Monday.....  We get to go with you on vacation!  Awesome!" 

***Since we will be in town tomorrow, we are still taking entries for our Sunday Special Segment Series of Ask A Monkey.  See the right sidebar for details.***



There is nothing cuter then a monkey in underpants.

This Mom

I want to know where the undies came from??? Did Brian do the laundry in HOT again and now they have received the fruits of his labor???


They were a promotion that Rolling Stone magazine did a few years ago. A tiny pair of undies with each magazine. We found them in a drawer we were cleaning out and had to use them! They even have the Fruit of the Loom on the waist band!


So cute! Love your new blog look - so fun!

Candid Carrie

You lied about the Cheetos because their fingers aren't orange.



Very cute blog...love it!

Thanks for stopping by.


Love those mini, tighty-whiteys!

Mama Dawg

I love the underpants.

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