Friday Foto Finish 8.8

This weeks entry for Candid Carries Friday Foto Finish Fiesta is this lovely we took this week on vacation.  My husband did an awesome job taking it so the flash doesn't show.  The background is of the Galena Territory which is in a word, beautiful.

The reason I like this one so much is because it looks like it has a fake done with photoshop.  Thanks for visiting and we look forward to viewing your entries for this week as well.



Very cute!! I love the "expressions" on their faces.


I just stumbled onto your blog via Candid Carrie (I liked your blog name - mine is Two Little Monkeys) and how cute are the monkeys?!?!?! Do you have a store? I am going to search your blog to see. My two little monkeys would love to have two little monkeys!!!!

Candid Carrie

So what is fake, the monkeys or the background. I am confused (again). Your vacation has been very hard on me.


That is adorable! I have a similiar type picture (somewhere) with our garden gnome. ^^


You didn't take the minkeys on vaca with you did you (wink wink)


Looks like the monkeys are having a fab time! I have been to Galena--it's a beautiful place!


I bet the locals loved havin' them in their town! Super Stars!


Is G eating his scarf there?

Lex the mom

That does looked photo shopped! That's some good photography, for sure.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time onvacation!

Mama Dawg

B & G, go on over to my place and pick up yet another award!


I love this blog!

More monkey underwear pics! I laughed sooo hard at that pic!!

And we have a monkey that's gone on vacation with us...I took pics of him along the way. He's mistreated...hanging upside down in a tree. Oh wait...that's what monkeys do! :)


That's an awesome looking shot.


They look like they are having a lovely time.



They look as though they are having a wonderful time!!!


I totally thought the background was fake when I first saw the pic!


They look very happy there! It does look bootiful...:)


Looks like a little stroll. So cute!

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