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Hello all!
This week G-mo and I had a great adventure. After the power outage a few weeks ago, we got pretty good with these flashlight thingies, so we decided to go caving. That's right: an adventure into the underworld, the depths of the Earth, into the ebony darkness. Or, as Jen and Brian call it: the Basement. Guillermo is a little afraid of the dark (though of course he would NEVER admit to it), so I let him take the bigger flashlight. He could barely carry the damn thing! We strapped on our Easter Egg......er....caving helmets, and down we go!

And so we descend! Looks pretty scary.....hmmmm

First we explored some sort of mesa or plateau. It was a strange reddish color, and had little cubby holes (just our size). Weirdest of all were some strange fossilized spheres that we could roll around on the ground. Guillermo was quite enamored with them, and I had to remind him: "Take only pictures, leave only footprints!" Here is a picture of him sniffing one...go figure.

Another suprising find: a yoga mat in the cave. How odd...do cavemen do yoga? Either way, it was a good stop for a rest and stretch. I did a little Down Dog while Guillermo played with.....Hey monkey, put that artifact back where you got it! I swear, you can't take him anywhere. Don't know where the mat came from....Jen, I hope it isn't yours, as it is quite dusty and cobwebby...you had better get back to practicing if so!

Some strange, cuniform, rune-like writings on the cave floor. I tried to decipher it, but my Egyptian is pretty rusty. G-unit tried to help by "putting some light on the subject", but after he swung his flashlight my way, all I could see was a big, green dot! I'm suprised he didn't set my fur on fire with that damn floodlight.

We had a major scare down there. Suddenly we were swarmed by huge mutated cave bugs! I ate a couple, but they tasted yucky. I decided that Guillermo and I would stand and FIGHT!


Guillermo....?? Where is that little turd?

Whew...that was a close one! I though the mocha minkee had deserted me, but he climbed up onto the mesa and used his banana powers to jump off the cliff and perform a manuver he calls "The Crop-Duster". I won't go into detail, except that it was pretty spectacular (and smelly) and that it seemed to have the desired effect!

Some sort of strange contraption...we got into the little "cars" but couldn't get them started. We tried pushing them, hotwiring, everything! Guillermo even got into his and went "Rummmmm....Rummmmmm". No dice.

This place is CRAZY! Another plateau....this one is green and has white lines on it. It appears to be some sort of ancient minkee-sized tennis court, but the rackets are huge! I tried an Andre Aggassi victory net jump, but kind of wiped out. G-mo was playing John MacEnroe and stood on the sidelines cursing up a blue streak. Then he found more balls...

Our triumphant return to the surface! We were all squinty and cob-webby, but all in all, it was a great adventure! Exciting, scary at times, but we learned much about this netherworld underneath our feet. Above all, we were carefull not to disturb this ancient region, so that future generations will be able to explore........GUILLERMO! PUT THAT BACK!



I wonder what new adventures you have in store once I actually go back to work next week. You look like you had tons of fun. I'm jealous!


Brave mimkeys!


I was thinking the same as Mama Hut... what brave little monkeys you are!!

This Mom

I cannot believe they were able to brave the Darkness below all by themselves. Man they are brave.


I'd appreciate it if you guys told Jen that I'm in no way obsessed with boners or johnsons.

Thanks B & G

Weather Moose

PS - I think you guys should go swimming...just a thought.


What a fun (and funny) adventure! I love reading about you guys!

Mama Dawg

Oh, my, that was truly funny. I loved the pics of G when he was climbing the mesa while B was looking for him. That was such a nice touch.


This is your funniest adventure yet! I love the eyeglasses on top of the egg/hat.

I laughed when I saw one of them climbing in the background.

You guys are too funny.

Thanks for the laugh.

Minkee's Rule!

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