Hee hee hee....

Bernardo and Guillermo didn't make it up until the witching hour, probably because they started on the 99 Bananas around 4:30 in the afternoon. But I am MORE than awake and liquored up, so from myself, Pleepleus, and my buddies B and G...



Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

except for us guys of course....waitin' for the fat man!

Merry Minkeemas everyone!


The Iceman Cometh

Hello all.

Check out these SWEET (fake) fur-lined boots Jen got for winter!

They look mosty-toasty indeed. Wait until the minkees see these babies! Looks like she got them just in time, since we had our first frost last night, and....wait a minute...I hear giggling!

Dammit, you guys...how do you DO that?

Alright, c'mon....everybody outta the pool! I KNOW they are nice and warm, but you can't stay in there all winter.

Well, after much grumbling and crabbing, they finally got out, but first I had to chase them around the place. It is very strange to be hot on the trail of two apparently empty (but hooting and giggling none the less) boots all throughout the house. But upon realizing that trick-or-treating is tonight, G-mo and B-man DID come up with a great costume idea:


Happy Halloween from Monkeytown!


Fun with Photo Editing Software

With some fun new editing tools we downloaded from the internet we were able to give you the oil painting versions of ourselves.  What do you think?



Next time we may just have to do some nudes.....


Never leave a monkey alone with an IPod touch.....

When Jen went to work this morning she forgot to grab her IPod Touch.  Being curious little fellas (and the recent addition of wifi in the house) we decided to check out all of the monkey related apps the IPod had to offer.

First was Wack-A-Mole minkee style.  You press on the monkey face as it appears on the screen.  Tons of fun!

Then the oh so much fun Crazy Monkey Spin. You have to have some pretty dexterous thumbs!

Monkey Money sounds like fun, huh?  Well, its not unless you like to play the slots with no rewards.  4 Minkee paws down!

Monkey Flight was kinda fun, but rather confusing.  

Bloons was just awesome.  You got to aim the monkey arm and then shoot a pin and pop the bloons.  It was a rootin', hootin' good time!

Things went pretty well, then the battery died.  We didn't have a chance to delete the games before she got home.  Hope she doesn't notice.....


Spa Vacation Pt 2

Spa day has arrived and we find the little minkees waking up in bed and getting ready to start their day of relaxation. 

The first treatment is a nice soak in the jacuzzi tub.  Due to modesty issues, we weren't aloud to photograph them using the tub.  Personally, I think it is because they didn't want to get busted playing with their rubber duckies and playing battleship.  

Here is Guillermo post-facial.  Look at the new monkee glow.

Due to some 'fro' issues, Bernardo wanted his pre steam picture posted instead of his post.  In his defense he did look like a very dark Wookie when he was done.  It was quite the impressive fro!

Bernardo and Guilermo then got ready for their 'couples massage'.  Since they were in Galena it was assumed that they were there 'antiquing' but they are just close minkee buddies who like to hang out together.

Before rolling over, Bernardo and his masseuse ended up having to move to a new, um..... fresher smelling location.  Bernardo didn't mind however, he was totally relaxed......  mmmmmmmm.....

"Hey, where did my buddy go?  Oh well, I am nice and relaxed..... Spa vacations are awesome!"  



Spa Vacation Pt 1

Upon arrival in Galena we decided we needed to relax.  So we did what anyone would do, headed for the HOT TUB!!!!
We got out our devil ducky and were ready to go when we were told we can't go into the tub because our fur will get into the filtration system and eventually break the hot tub down.

Oh well, There are other things to do in this house.

Bernardo and I got a rousing game of pool going.  Do you know how hard it is to hold those pool cues without fingers!

That Bernardo is quite the pool shark.  He won 15 bananas from me and $20 from Jen!  She stomped off muttering something about "I created you and you take my money" or something like that.

Playing pool was a lot of fun, but when your on a pool table you sometimes have to kick it up a notch!

Where's Guillermo?!? 

Bernardo, hurry up get down.  You don't want them to see us....

Giggles were had by all.  It is good to be a monkey!

Check us out later this week after our SPA TREATMENTS!!!!!


Very Cherry Berry Challenge 2010

"Adam Richman here, back with our food challenge of the year: Bernardo and Guillermo take on a pound of sweet Bing cherries!

Our minkees are ready, they have 30 minutes, and the clock starts.....NOW!

To start off, the boys gentle sample their first cherry. The first red stains start appearing on their muzzles, while gentle 'Oohs, aahs' and hooting sounds fill the air. Apparently it's been awhile for these two!"
"Finishing that first bite, they start towards making some progress, amping up the speed a bit. Somehow the mocha monkey has already gotten cherry juice on his EAR, and it's only his second bite! Now that's a champion cherry-snarfer!"

"OK, now we're talkin'! The seeds and stems are really starting to fly here: no more hooting, no more poses for cute photos for their lady fans...just grunting and slurping. I wouldn't recommend standing to close to the scene, these guys redefine the word 'Spitball' when they starting shooting the seeds across the room. I have acquired some safety goggles just in case..I don't think they are doing it on purpose, but I have heard some giggling"

"Holy S&*T! With Bernardo seeming to have hit the dreaded 'cherry wall' and deciding to take a short break, Guillermo is throwing caution to the wind, actually climbing INTO the cherry bag, muttering something about, 'Eating his way outta this b*#ch!'. Incredible, people..."

"Uh-oh....these two are running out of time, and Guillermo seems to be slowing down (grim photo below)but they still have a few cherries to go.....will they make it in time?

...and BARNARDO IS BACK IN THE GAME! After a 2-minute nap and much burping, he is shovellin' them in faster than before!"

"Bernardo's awesomeness seems to have inspired his buddy, and they both polish off the last cherry together, with only seconds to go! They've done it....this battle is OVAH!!! "(Crowd roars)

Woman in audience: "So how does it feel to win this challenge, Bernardo?"

B. "It's good sweetie, but I'm glad our new bodies are standing by so we can 'change over'...because, frankly, I'm a mess, and I don't think our normal 'suds and bubbles' is going to do it!"

Man in audience: "Guillermo, I saw you wearing a cherry on your head earlier in the battle. How did this help you?"

G. "Well, I was getting pretty full, and I needed something to help me focus. This was all I could think of. Also, I just love putting stuff on my head. It's a minkee thing."

Adam Richman: "An outstanding performance guys! Any last words?"

B. "Don't EVER eat a half-pound of f*cking cherries...My tum-tum hurts. Thank you all for your support!"

G. "Adam, I just used the bathroom in your trailer. I wouldn't go in there for awhile. Sorry, but I had to go."



Hello! My name is Adam Richman, and I host a show on the Travel Channel called "Man vs. Food". Every week I take on food challenges all over the U.S., from the hottest curry ever, to a 7lb. breakfast burrito.

Now, as you may imagine, I get a lot of fan mail..too much, in fact to respond to individually. But I recently received one that I just had to share. It is from a couple little fellas in Illinois who want to try their own challenge. Their names: Bernardo and Guillermo. These little stuffed monkey (or "minkees" as they sometimes call themselves) grew up in the jungles of of Africa and South America, respectively, but now live with their creator and some guy who stays there.

They tell me that one of their most deadly vices is Bing cherries. Says G-Mo: "We never had these little babies in the jungle, and they are delicious! Unfortunately, we can't eat them because it stains our minkee fur permanently"

However, as Bernardo points out: "Every so often, due to random wear and tear, we get to be remade. Well, our creator Jen has two brand-spanking new minkee bodies ready to go, so as a special treat, our last meal in the old bods will be our "Very Cherry Berry Challenge"

CAN this daring duo eat a whole POUND of sweet cherries? In 30 minutes? That may not sound like much, but keep in mind: these guys are only a foot tall, at MOST! That would be the equivalent of me eating about FIFTY POUNDS OF CHERRIES! My tummy and toilet tremor in fear at just the thought.

Tune in here tomorrow as I cover the event live. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event: "Minkee vs Food"!!



Spa Vacation

It is that time of year again for the family vacation to Galena! We always get to go along but this year we get the absolute luxury Spa Week!!!!!

There will be facials, ear rubs, monkey massages and the life transforming cashmere body wrap treatment! Our bodies will be transformed and we will have cashmere fur by the end of the week!

You thought we were cute and cuddly before! Just wait!

See you in a few....


Guillermo's in the kitchen

Guillermo Gray here. I am in the monkey test kitchen once again cooking up some viddles. This week I am making a delicious Mocha Monkey Bread from a kit Jen got at Target.

Looking at the ingredients I noticed that there are Mocha chips inside of the mix. MOCHA CHIPS!!!! THEY MAKE MOCHA CHIPS!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little excited.....

We mixed the dry ingredients with 1 cup of water.

Once the batter was made we rolled the dough into little balls and coated them in sugar. Look at the deliciousness.
We then dropped the batter balls into a buttered round pan. Can you see the mocha chips in there?
Then we added butter and baked. It was the perfect way to spend the day. I just love cooking in the kitchen!

Jen here. By we Guillermo meant Jen. This is the actual way that Guillermo 'helped' in the kitchen.....

Oh look, the box of mix.........

Where's Guillermo?

Oh, is this how you 'made' mocha monkey bread?!?
hee..... hee..... hee.....

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