Spa Vacation Pt 2

Spa day has arrived and we find the little minkees waking up in bed and getting ready to start their day of relaxation. 

The first treatment is a nice soak in the jacuzzi tub.  Due to modesty issues, we weren't aloud to photograph them using the tub.  Personally, I think it is because they didn't want to get busted playing with their rubber duckies and playing battleship.  

Here is Guillermo post-facial.  Look at the new monkee glow.

Due to some 'fro' issues, Bernardo wanted his pre steam picture posted instead of his post.  In his defense he did look like a very dark Wookie when he was done.  It was quite the impressive fro!

Bernardo and Guilermo then got ready for their 'couples massage'.  Since they were in Galena it was assumed that they were there 'antiquing' but they are just close minkee buddies who like to hang out together.

Before rolling over, Bernardo and his masseuse ended up having to move to a new, um..... fresher smelling location.  Bernardo didn't mind however, he was totally relaxed......  mmmmmmmm.....

"Hey, where did my buddy go?  Oh well, I am nice and relaxed..... Spa vacations are awesome!"  




Haha...I need a spa vacation myself! I envy you two adorable minkies :)

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