Hello! My name is Adam Richman, and I host a show on the Travel Channel called "Man vs. Food". Every week I take on food challenges all over the U.S., from the hottest curry ever, to a 7lb. breakfast burrito.

Now, as you may imagine, I get a lot of fan mail..too much, in fact to respond to individually. But I recently received one that I just had to share. It is from a couple little fellas in Illinois who want to try their own challenge. Their names: Bernardo and Guillermo. These little stuffed monkey (or "minkees" as they sometimes call themselves) grew up in the jungles of of Africa and South America, respectively, but now live with their creator and some guy who stays there.

They tell me that one of their most deadly vices is Bing cherries. Says G-Mo: "We never had these little babies in the jungle, and they are delicious! Unfortunately, we can't eat them because it stains our minkee fur permanently"

However, as Bernardo points out: "Every so often, due to random wear and tear, we get to be remade. Well, our creator Jen has two brand-spanking new minkee bodies ready to go, so as a special treat, our last meal in the old bods will be our "Very Cherry Berry Challenge"

CAN this daring duo eat a whole POUND of sweet cherries? In 30 minutes? That may not sound like much, but keep in mind: these guys are only a foot tall, at MOST! That would be the equivalent of me eating about FIFTY POUNDS OF CHERRIES! My tummy and toilet tremor in fear at just the thought.

Tune in here tomorrow as I cover the event live. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event: "Minkee vs Food"!!




I don't know about those monkeys, but I'm positive my brother can do it! :-)

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