Spa Vacation Pt 1

Upon arrival in Galena we decided we needed to relax.  So we did what anyone would do, headed for the HOT TUB!!!!
We got out our devil ducky and were ready to go when we were told we can't go into the tub because our fur will get into the filtration system and eventually break the hot tub down.

Oh well, There are other things to do in this house.

Bernardo and I got a rousing game of pool going.  Do you know how hard it is to hold those pool cues without fingers!

That Bernardo is quite the pool shark.  He won 15 bananas from me and $20 from Jen!  She stomped off muttering something about "I created you and you take my money" or something like that.

Playing pool was a lot of fun, but when your on a pool table you sometimes have to kick it up a notch!

Where's Guillermo?!? 

Bernardo, hurry up get down.  You don't want them to see us....

Giggles were had by all.  It is good to be a monkey!

Check us out later this week after our SPA TREATMENTS!!!!!



You monkeys are just the cutest things ever! Dare I ask Jenn for a pattern? I'd love to make a couple of monkeys, too...


Emmy- If you want the pattern, send me your e-mail address. jen72175@gmail.com

I can also give you some yarn ideas as well. :)

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