Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - Your Monkey Can Read

There is this new product out there called "Your Baby Can Read". Essentially you simply 'plop your baby in front of the TV and they (magically) learn how to read' WHAT?

We didn't believe it was possible, so Jen developed a program called "your monkey can read".

What she did was sat us down, taught us phonics, letter sound combinations, sight words, etc. And you know what, it worked. We didn't get the luxury of sitting in front of the TV and learning, we were taught!

While at the park the other day, we decided to talk to some of the babies we came across to see how effective the "Your baby can read" program worked. Not one of them was able to make a sensible response.

Our verdict: Your baby can read - zero hoots

Your monkey can read - 10 plus hoots and an extra hoot for Jen who spent the extra time with us!

Not to mention, we can now check out books from the library!!!!!


Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - The Shake Weight

Sorry about that folks! We get into swaddle mode and lose track of time..... Mmmmm comfy swaddle..... Sorry!

Now onto todays Consumer Report - The Shake Weight.

While we may give this 20 hoots for hilarity, we give it 1 hoot for practicality.

First of all, you use the weight all wrong. You could seriously bust out some teeth if you aren't careful!

Second, nobody looks that happy while working out. This chick has some major issues. (Brian thinks she just needs a man. Whatever that means)

Third, it was almost impossible for us to lift that thing. We had to have Jen help (once again Brian was making some odd comments....). She looked ridiculous! We had a great time hooting at her!

Lastly, if you want a workout that is way more fun, bust out the Wii. There are several games that involve the same type of movement but look like they are waaaaaaay more fun!

Overall, the Shake Weight is not worth the money unless you want to play a joke on someone.


Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - The Snuggie!

HOLY SH*T!!!! The Snuggie is the best invention on the planet. We haven't been able to leave these things since Monday! We just can't stop hooting about them!
I mean seriously, you are all warm, your butt hangs out so you don't accidentally dutch oven yourself! I wonder what Bernardo is doing. I haven't seen him in a while. I hope he too is in utter comfort with the Snuggie!

Snuggie, I laugh in the face of the Sunggie. You want total comfort, have Jen or Brian hook you up with The Swaddle. All the comfort of a Snuggie, but the tight bundle of the Swaddle. Mmmmmmmm Monkey heaven. I give the Swaddle 12 out of 10 hoots, it is that awesome!

Dear lord, Bernardo is right. The Swaddle is king in the comfy world. Mmmmmm, Swaddle.

Monkey Approved!


Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - Bump - its

Our first purchase with the 'card' was a set of Bump - its. We had a very difficult time using them. Only one of the three sizes actually worked for monkeys and putting the socks on with them in was also a bit tricky. Here are the two views.

Side View:

Front View:

We look SO AWESOME here!!!!!!

In the end we felt that the Bump - its weren't worth the money. We could only use one out of three, they were hard to maneuver, and we had to be careful while monkeying around because they got stuck in our fur and hurt our heads. We give this product 3 out of ten hoots.

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!


Consumer Reports - Monkey Style

So, have you noticed that we have been gone for a while? Well, um, we sortta got 'grounded' from the internet. Apparently when a credit card application comes in the mail we need to leave it alone...... Hey, they are the ones that approved a monkey for a credit card!

On a side note we had one hell of a time playing around (aka ordering stuff) from the home shopping network. They had so much stuff we didn't know where to begin!

We ordered some Bump-its, My monkey can read series, a dozen snuggies, detox foot pads, a shake weight and the ever popular fart machine just to name a few. Unfortunately we are no longer in possession of the above items (except we kept the fart machine. His name is Guillermo!) We were 'asked nicely' to return the items in their original condition and get our money back.

Before we sent the items back we did get to play with them for a bit. Keep an eye out this week for our consumer report/review monkey style! See what items get the most hoots.

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