Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - The Snuggie!

HOLY SH*T!!!! The Snuggie is the best invention on the planet. We haven't been able to leave these things since Monday! We just can't stop hooting about them!
I mean seriously, you are all warm, your butt hangs out so you don't accidentally dutch oven yourself! I wonder what Bernardo is doing. I haven't seen him in a while. I hope he too is in utter comfort with the Snuggie!

Snuggie, I laugh in the face of the Sunggie. You want total comfort, have Jen or Brian hook you up with The Swaddle. All the comfort of a Snuggie, but the tight bundle of the Swaddle. Mmmmmmmm Monkey heaven. I give the Swaddle 12 out of 10 hoots, it is that awesome!

Dear lord, Bernardo is right. The Swaddle is king in the comfy world. Mmmmmm, Swaddle.

Monkey Approved!



Hehe; you two are so cute!

Ro Magnolia

I chuckled all through this post. I love these monkeys! :)

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