Consumer Reports - Monkey Style

So, have you noticed that we have been gone for a while? Well, um, we sortta got 'grounded' from the internet. Apparently when a credit card application comes in the mail we need to leave it alone...... Hey, they are the ones that approved a monkey for a credit card!

On a side note we had one hell of a time playing around (aka ordering stuff) from the home shopping network. They had so much stuff we didn't know where to begin!

We ordered some Bump-its, My monkey can read series, a dozen snuggies, detox foot pads, a shake weight and the ever popular fart machine just to name a few. Unfortunately we are no longer in possession of the above items (except we kept the fart machine. His name is Guillermo!) We were 'asked nicely' to return the items in their original condition and get our money back.

Before we sent the items back we did get to play with them for a bit. Keep an eye out this week for our consumer report/review monkey style! See what items get the most hoots.



Hehe...nice! Well, we're glad you're back an un-grounded from the internet. :P

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