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There is this new product out there called "Your Baby Can Read". Essentially you simply 'plop your baby in front of the TV and they (magically) learn how to read' WHAT?

We didn't believe it was possible, so Jen developed a program called "your monkey can read".

What she did was sat us down, taught us phonics, letter sound combinations, sight words, etc. And you know what, it worked. We didn't get the luxury of sitting in front of the TV and learning, we were taught!

While at the park the other day, we decided to talk to some of the babies we came across to see how effective the "Your baby can read" program worked. Not one of them was able to make a sensible response.

Our verdict: Your baby can read - zero hoots

Your monkey can read - 10 plus hoots and an extra hoot for Jen who spent the extra time with us!

Not to mention, we can now check out books from the library!!!!!


Ro Magnolia

Hee hee! I think perhaps that "Your Baby Can Read" is the equivalent of "I Want to have a Wonder Baby without doing any Work" - I'm so glad that Guillermo and Bernardo were able to learn the old-fashioned way. :)


I appreciate the field work/research you minkees did to follow up your studies. Don't be too hard on the babies, they have a lot going on what with discovering their own toes and such :)

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