Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - The Shake Weight

Sorry about that folks! We get into swaddle mode and lose track of time..... Mmmmm comfy swaddle..... Sorry!

Now onto todays Consumer Report - The Shake Weight.

While we may give this 20 hoots for hilarity, we give it 1 hoot for practicality.

First of all, you use the weight all wrong. You could seriously bust out some teeth if you aren't careful!

Second, nobody looks that happy while working out. This chick has some major issues. (Brian thinks she just needs a man. Whatever that means)

Third, it was almost impossible for us to lift that thing. We had to have Jen help (once again Brian was making some odd comments....). She looked ridiculous! We had a great time hooting at her!

Lastly, if you want a workout that is way more fun, bust out the Wii. There are several games that involve the same type of movement but look like they are waaaaaaay more fun!

Overall, the Shake Weight is not worth the money unless you want to play a joke on someone.



LMAO That commercial was on at the karaoke bar when we had my birthday party a few weeks ago, and we sat there giggling like maniacs at it the entire night. Shake Weight, my foot....more like a turbo vibe gone terribly wrong, I say. xD Great post!!

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