Getting Ready for New Years Eve!

Most of you may not know this but New Years Eve is a monkeys favorite holiday. It takes several days to accurately prepare for the evening festivities. This year we are taking it to the extreme monkey style!

Preparation 1: Don a wide variety of socks. This is like a spa treatment to a monkey! We are getting relaxed and ready for Thursday night.
Preparation 2: Find some funny ears. These were just lying around in Jen's work bag. I hear they used to be 'stress balls' for her students. I just cut into them and put them on my ears. I don't know what she is thinking, I feel stress free!

Preparation 4: (yes this is out of order on purpose) Mosey up in the comfy chair wearing a pair of unders to keep us warm.
Preparation 3: Put our own unders on and get ready to party like a rock star.

If things go well, we may be wearing those unders on our heads. Let the festivities begin!!!!


Decorating the tree!

Well, Guillermo and I spent Sunday trying to decorate the tree Brian put up this week.
Afterall, how does that holiday classic go?

"Oh Christmas tree,
Oh Christmas tree,
ummmm...won't...you be...my neighbor??"

That doesn't sound quite right. Anyhow, we thought we could best help by unloading the boxes filled with decorations, so we put on our festive holiday socks and dug in!

Blech, kinda dusty in there...maybe we'll just work on untangling the lights!

Oh man, these things suck!
BRIAN!!! Help a minkee out, please...

Well, at least G-mo made the best of it!

Hey, look what I founds...little B & G-sized gift bags! Or as we call them: "toys"


We finally got to the globes, giving them a good ole monkey-shine. Took a little longer than usual, you know how G-mo is: he kept calling them "magic shiny-balls" and was quite enamored with them...the red ones in particular.

Despite his quirks, I have to give credit where credit it due: this was an AWESOME idea, Guillermo!

Oh well, in the end, I guess Jen and Brian decorated all of the tree, but I am pretty sure we had more fun!

OH, and of course, we put the BEST decorations on last...

PS..and if you look closely, you can see our enormous "pine doodles" : ()


Deathstorm 2009

Today we are experiencing Deathstorm 2009. So far there has been rain, sleet, a bit of hail and snow. We even have a blizzard watch until tomorrow evening.

So, what is a minkee to do?!? We obviously can't play outside and it seems that with this weather all we want to do is snuggle!

We are breaking out the raspberry cocoa and getting refamiliar with our favorite show Lost. This is going to be some night! Get ready for thunder snow and minkee hoots!


New Yarn!

This year for Christmas, Jen is hand making all of her gifts. Some jewelry, some cooking and some serious knitting. So what do you need for serious knitting???? Serious yarn! This package came in the mail the other day.

Being the curious minkee that I am I had to check and see what was inside.

OMG!!!! Look at all this yarn!!!!! Jen got it at yarncountry.com and got quite the bargin! So what better to do than put this stuff on our heads!

100% Wool feels nice. I think we need to be remade out of this stuff. So soft and luxurious.

Its good to be a minkee!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This is our favorite holiday because not only do we get to go trick or treating but we get to try on costumes all day long. AWESOME!!!!!

Maybe we will be able to make it to your house for some fun!

Would you give us any treats for Halloween?


More Halloween Costume Ideas

So, we are still trying to figure out what to go as for our Halloween 'Trick or Drinking' event. Thanks Natballs for the idea of going as humans. We may have to give that a try by the end of the week.

First off we have a couple of muppet inspired outfits. Bernardo here looks like some Foo Man Choo minkee. I laugh every time I see this photo.

However, Guillermo looks like a gay Ned Flanders here.....

The ever favorite 'famous mouse' from some franchise.

Minkees of Arabia. I really wish I knew where they have those scarves hidden.....

Beep. Beep. Here come the Shriners
We are still thinking it over. We will have a decision by Friday night. Make sure to check back and see what we have decided on. We are open to more suggestions.


What to do for Halloween......

It is time again for our favorite holiday of the year where presents are not involved. HALLOWEEN!!!!! We are unsure of what we want to go as this year for 'trick or drinking' so we thought we should bring back some classic outfits over the last year and a half.

First off we have our 'Beauty Shop' photo shoot. It was pretty hard to get some good pics since we are minkees and have little fur on the tops of our heads. We rocked it though!

Mardi Gras Minkees. Don't ask how we earned those beads.....

Captain Underpants and Sock Head.

Cheese heads care of Candid Carrie. She's just awesome!

These minkees are heading to a Rave. I hear some whistles in the background, don't you?

Are those turtles? I don't know?????

Spulunky Monkeys.

Swinging Minkees in Galena, IL

Happy Halloween all.

We are definitely planning on dressing up for Halloween 'Trick or Drinking' but what should we go as?????


These are super awesome!!!!!

What happens when a stress ball pops? You get useless, flimsy, smelly pieces of plastic that should just get thrown away.....

Unless you are a monkey!

While these look incredibly awesome as minkee wigs......
And double as shower caps during suds and bubbles times......
They can be ear muffs.....
Or even shoes.....
But you better snatch them and throw them away quickly or else you are going to be living with very stinky minkees.


Things you forget over the summer

Since going back to work I have been a little lax on putting my craft stuff away. Last night I was working on a cute little octopus and left some of the stuffing out. Oops. I came home to find Guillermo staring longingly at Bernardo's new do.

I keep hearing the lyrics to John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy' when I look at those two. But come on, Bernardo does look pretty awesome!

Guillermo decided he needed to show Bernardo up and go punk rock.
I really hope those don't color his head...

I wonder what these two will be up to tomorrow.

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