What to do for Halloween......

It is time again for our favorite holiday of the year where presents are not involved. HALLOWEEN!!!!! We are unsure of what we want to go as this year for 'trick or drinking' so we thought we should bring back some classic outfits over the last year and a half.

First off we have our 'Beauty Shop' photo shoot. It was pretty hard to get some good pics since we are minkees and have little fur on the tops of our heads. We rocked it though!

Mardi Gras Minkees. Don't ask how we earned those beads.....

Captain Underpants and Sock Head.

Cheese heads care of Candid Carrie. She's just awesome!

These minkees are heading to a Rave. I hear some whistles in the background, don't you?

Are those turtles? I don't know?????

Spulunky Monkeys.

Swinging Minkees in Galena, IL

Happy Halloween all.

We are definitely planning on dressing up for Halloween 'Trick or Drinking' but what should we go as?????



go as PEOPLE. how good would that be.

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