More Halloween Costume Ideas

So, we are still trying to figure out what to go as for our Halloween 'Trick or Drinking' event. Thanks Natballs for the idea of going as humans. We may have to give that a try by the end of the week.

First off we have a couple of muppet inspired outfits. Bernardo here looks like some Foo Man Choo minkee. I laugh every time I see this photo.

However, Guillermo looks like a gay Ned Flanders here.....

The ever favorite 'famous mouse' from some franchise.

Minkees of Arabia. I really wish I knew where they have those scarves hidden.....

Beep. Beep. Here come the Shriners
We are still thinking it over. We will have a decision by Friday night. Make sure to check back and see what we have decided on. We are open to more suggestions.


Candid Carrie

Are we the only ones that remember Shriners? They always scared me with their little hats and their little cars and their thin little mustaches and whiskey scented breath. Alright, I made the last part up ... or did I?

Wallace david

liked, very good


hey sarita


wats upp when did u make this blog

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