Happy Halloween Fx4 10.31.08

Bernardo here. In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to post our favorite fotos taken at Jen's folks' house before daddy/daughter date night. Yes, you read that right they had a date. Click the link to find out more.Jen's mom was supernice and let us have some candy! Three Musketeers are awesome! So light and airy. This pumpkin seemed nice, so we posed with him too.
Guillermo made me pose for this photo. For some reason it makes me uncomfortable. This guy really creeps my out. I wonder why?

I think we found the ragamuffin of the pumpkin world. This lady was a bit creepy. She lights up in some weird neon colors. Guillermo wouldn't let us turn it on, he was afraid his farts may make it explode with the neon gas. Good thing he thinks ahead sometimes.

I have no idea why Guillermo would pose with those two owls in the tree! Everytime they say "Who" he says "Guillermo". It gets quite annoying! The little guy just can't figure it out..... Well, we need to go get ready to go out Trick or Treating (Or as Jen and Brian go out Trick or Drinking). Check out Candid Carrie to play along in Fx4 fun!


Halloween Candy!!!

Look what we found while looking through the drawers today!!!
This yummy Halloween Candy. Mmmm. Mmmm. I had to have some help from Jen to open it (nipple hands you know). Guillermo went to town and ripped the wrapper open. They were so delish! I wonder if we can have some more!

After Guillermo ate his, he turned the wrapper into a Hannibal Lector mask. He chased me around the apartment hooting and farting. (He thought that in the movie the line said "Farting Beans" not "Fava Beans", I am sure you can see his confusion.) I told him that was very unbecoming behavior and he better be careful or the real Hannibal will come after him! That was the wrong thing to say to that little guy. He has spent the rest of the day hiding under the covers. I should probably go and check to make sure he's o.k.

Bernardo Out!


Friday Foto Finish 10.24.08

Focus Monkey, Focus!

Ah, much better.  Jen had a little problem earlier this week.  You see she forgot the rule of lifting with your knees and not your back.  She was just a little sore for a couple of days, but she's a.o.k. now.

In order to help with the healing process, she needed to use the heating pad to relax those sore muscles.  Well, we weren't very understanding in the beginning and thought it was play time.  Oops!  No wonder she got mad when we pushed her off the chair to snuggle into the warm gooeyness of the heating pad!

Once Brian sat us down and explained the situation to us, we became very apologetic cuddle minkees.  But can you really blame us?  We just wanted to stay warm!

Thanks for playing along today.  Go visit Candid Carrie to see who else is playing along!


One Last Hurah

With the cold weather coming in we decided we better make the most of the day and spend it out on the sunporch. Its going to be too cold any day now and we won't want to go outside, even to play. Plus, the plants are going to have to come in soon and we aren't allowed to play on them inside. (We get too much dirt on the floor.....)For a while we played Tarzan and swung from plant to plant, hooting it up! We got some funny looks from the neighbors when we were hooting and I think we upset their dog too. He kept barking at us all day long. No, wait he does that every day.....
After our Tarzan games we played hide and go seek. It was alot of fun. The only problem is that when we play in the plants we get dirt all over us. We had to do some serious grooming of each other before we came inside. We were still a little dirty so we had to have an early suds and bubbles this week. Bubble time was AWESOME, we got to use some of Jen's Pumpkin Spice bubble bath and now we smell delicious! She can be so nice to us sometimes! She's a good creator.

Well, we better get going. House is on and this week is all about that cute little number 13! Meow! A monkey could cuddle the heck out of her!

Monkey Out!


Minkee Antics

Whooo.... We're blurry! Hold on.... We can fix this.... Self portraits are such a pain!
Ahhhh, much better! On to todays post.

Jen should know better than to leave unfinished craft projects just lying around. Today we were playing Chakra Minkees. You know the Peter Gabriel song right? You've got to chakra minkee..... Good times, good times!

Jen started making these super cool eye pillows filled with flax seed, lavendar and chamomile. They come in the different chakra colors hence our chakra minkee songs and dance. The finished products smell fantastic (and can even keep a minkee's butt smell from terrorizing the noses in the room). We hope Jen doesn't mind that we emptied them all out. You can't play with them as well when they are filled! Brian is usually pretty cool with us playing with Jen's stuff, but he was hesitant today. He was muttering something about hoping Jen doesn't unstuff us.... I wonder what he means by that. Oh well, we will just deal when Jen gets home. Comence Play Time!!!!!

Jen here. I just got home from work and all I have to say is they are pretty lucky they dumped all of the flax mixture into a bowl. It took them a while, but they refilled seven of them and now I am going to sew them up. I should have sewed them last night so this would'nt have happened. I do belive they have learned their lesson and won't be playing with them again. I learned my lesson as well to never trust a minkee with a craft project!

Happy Monday

Good morning all. It is starting to get cold here in the Midwest. What is a monkey to do with all this cold weather? Cuddle the heck out of this awesome blanket that Jen made. Yep, she made it.
We must admit that when we lived in the jungle we were much more resilient to the varying weather. Since we have become 'house broken' we just can't adjust to the extreme weather changes around here. Maybe we should leave here and head back to our roots and forage in the jungle. However, that would mean we have to leave the executive suites, sock drawer, and all the playing we do around here. I think not! We will have to endure the atmospheric changes and do what we must to make it. We say rain, smain! Extreme weather here we come!

Monkey Out!


Atlanta Adventure Pt. 2

While we were abandoned in the house last weekend, when everyone else went to the aquarium, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves in a foreign house.  We went around and did some exploring.....

One of the first things we found was a cool pair of clogs from Holland.  We decided to play in them for a while.  It was weird, they were made out of wood, but we made the most of it.

We then found this cool little puppy to take us for a ride.  We tried to get him to fly like in the Never Ending Story, but I guess he couldn't fly, so we just wandered around the sunroom for a while.

We played in the bedroom and became honorary members of the red hat society.  We aren't allowed to speak of our adventures with that, but they are a fun bunch of ladies!

We then found this cool sumo ring.  I kicked Bernardo's butt!  I knocked his ass out.  Well.... I farted in his face and he passed out.  That still counts, right?

After he regained consciousness, we decided to put on a play.  We did our usual rendition of Romeo and Juliet, like always.  We read what we have at home and have memorized the complete works of Shakespeare.... Thanks Jen.  Why don't you go out and get some new books!

Just as we were getting into the play, they came back and we had to go back to our room and play.  We aren't allowed out in public (yet). 

We did have a great time.  Hopefully we can go back soon and have more adventures.

Speaking of adventures, check out Candid Carrie to see what everyone has been up to this week.

Monkey out.


Adventures in Atlanta!

This past weekend we took a trip down to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Brian's brother. It was an awesome trip. We were well behaved so hopefully we will get to go again sometime soon!

It was kinda boring waiting in the airport at first, there was nothing to do. Then Jen suggested that we people watch, which made for a much better time. We saw all kinds of people, most of which gave us funny looks. It was like they had never seen a knit monkey before. How weird is that?

The coolest part of the trip was definitely the plane ride. What an adrenaline rush it is when that plane takes off! We didn't have our own seats, but we got to ride in Jen's carry on, so it wasn't too bad.

Once on the plane we made sure to read the safety information and locate the exits just in case there was an emergency. We listened patiently when the stewardess came over the loud speaker overhead. We asked questions about how to use the floatation devices and everything. (Guillermo also tried to get one of the oxygen masks from the stewardess, but she wouldn't let us play with one.) She was really nice and brought us our own bags of pretzels. I don't know why she didn't bring any for Brian and Jen though. Weird!

Later during the flight, the pretzels didn't agree with Guillermo so much and he had to use a sick bag. I don't think that he really knew what it was for, but apparently he really had to go....

Why he look in the bag to see what it looked like..... well, who knows the answer to that one!

It was really neat to watch the ground as we flew overhead. The world below was filled with tiny little cars and tractors and these little ants all over the place. Jen told us they were people, I don't know they were really small.

Check back later to see more of our Atlanta adventures.


Friday Foto Finish 10.10.08

This is a hostile takeover!  Froggy McGee here.  I have taken over the minkee blog, I repeat I have taken over the minkee blog.  

It seems our faithful friends did get into that suitcase yesterday and have now left town.  There landed in Atlanta last night and are going to be gone until Sunday.  That means I get to take over the house and do whatever I wish!  I decided that I would find some of the more embarrassing photos of our dynamic duo that they will probably don't want published......

During the early days of minkeedom, look what these two had to wear!

Embarrassing, simply embarrassing!  Guillermo had to wear PULLUPS for two months until he figured out how to go without making a mess.
Bernardo was a little quicker on the potty training, but man did he whine when he had to wear these.  What a wussy!
Ok, Ok..... So, I made it all up.  They didn't have to wear them.  They liked to wear them!  They pretended to be Homer Simpson lounging on the couch watching TV all day.  I'm really just jealous that there isn't a pair of unders that fit me.....  Maybe that's why I'm a cranky frog.....

I think I will go hang out in the sock drawer and see what all that business is about.

Froggy McGee out!

Make sure you visit Candid Carrie Fx4.  Fun will be had by all!


Big Mistake!

Check out our super new doodles!

Don't mess with them or it will be a big mistake! 

We found these fun little erasers in Jen's things when she came home from the store today.  They really are erasers!  

The weird thing though is she had all kinds of little things too.  She had tiny shampoos, contact solution, toothpaste and stuff like that.  There is suitcase that looks like it is about to be packed too.  Bernardo and I are going to go and hide in there and see what will happen next!  I hope this adventure won't be our last!

Wish us luck!


New Toy!

Jen came home with the most wonderful toy!  Check out this giant ball.  It is like one of those super balls.  It bounces really high.  The coolest part is when you shake it, the glitter inside swirls all around in mystical patterns.  It is pretty fun to play with.

Apparently, it was supposed to be a present for a niece or nephew, but instead it is now a minkee toy!  It is so awesome.  We will have entertainment for days!!!!!  I wonder if it glows in the dark?  That would be AWESOME!


Friday Foto Finish 10.3

Jen here.  I came home from work last night to find this waiting for me.  Aren't they just precious!  We were planning on watching Iron Man and I guess the minkees got into the mood by making their own costumes.
This is the third time I have seen the movie, and must say I don't think I will never tire of watching Robert Downey Jr. fill the screen with all his glory.  Or better yet, Terrence Howard (one word, yummy!)  

By the way, if you look carefully, you can see the note on Guillermo's back.  It reads "I feel like a baked potato"  I concur monkey, I concur!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks entry for Candid Carries Fx4.

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