One Last Hurah

With the cold weather coming in we decided we better make the most of the day and spend it out on the sunporch. Its going to be too cold any day now and we won't want to go outside, even to play. Plus, the plants are going to have to come in soon and we aren't allowed to play on them inside. (We get too much dirt on the floor.....)For a while we played Tarzan and swung from plant to plant, hooting it up! We got some funny looks from the neighbors when we were hooting and I think we upset their dog too. He kept barking at us all day long. No, wait he does that every day.....
After our Tarzan games we played hide and go seek. It was alot of fun. The only problem is that when we play in the plants we get dirt all over us. We had to do some serious grooming of each other before we came inside. We were still a little dirty so we had to have an early suds and bubbles this week. Bubble time was AWESOME, we got to use some of Jen's Pumpkin Spice bubble bath and now we smell delicious! She can be so nice to us sometimes! She's a good creator.

Well, we better get going. House is on and this week is all about that cute little number 13! Meow! A monkey could cuddle the heck out of her!

Monkey Out!



The minkees are so creative. Playing Tarzan, that is great.

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