Halloween Candy!!!

Look what we found while looking through the drawers today!!!
This yummy Halloween Candy. Mmmm. Mmmm. I had to have some help from Jen to open it (nipple hands you know). Guillermo went to town and ripped the wrapper open. They were so delish! I wonder if we can have some more!

After Guillermo ate his, he turned the wrapper into a Hannibal Lector mask. He chased me around the apartment hooting and farting. (He thought that in the movie the line said "Farting Beans" not "Fava Beans", I am sure you can see his confusion.) I told him that was very unbecoming behavior and he better be careful or the real Hannibal will come after him! That was the wrong thing to say to that little guy. He has spent the rest of the day hiding under the covers. I should probably go and check to make sure he's o.k.

Bernardo Out!


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