Friday Foto Finish 10.24.08

Focus Monkey, Focus!

Ah, much better.  Jen had a little problem earlier this week.  You see she forgot the rule of lifting with your knees and not your back.  She was just a little sore for a couple of days, but she's a.o.k. now.

In order to help with the healing process, she needed to use the heating pad to relax those sore muscles.  Well, we weren't very understanding in the beginning and thought it was play time.  Oops!  No wonder she got mad when we pushed her off the chair to snuggle into the warm gooeyness of the heating pad!

Once Brian sat us down and explained the situation to us, we became very apologetic cuddle minkees.  But can you really blame us?  We just wanted to stay warm!

Thanks for playing along today.  Go visit Candid Carrie to see who else is playing along!



OMG, that is so funny! Actually, this is something my teenage kids would do to me.

Your blog keeps me laughing!


Feel better soon.

Hippie Family...

oooohh, Stretch monkey Stretch!!

feel better.. hope you can rest up..


Ouch--I'm sorry about your back! The monkeys look like they're enjoying the heat!!


At first, I thought your camera was broken like mine:-)


Man, back pain is the worse, those minkees better behave!


Sounds like our backs are having te same issues :(
Hope you feel better soon!

Swirl Girl

do they give good massages?


Bummer about your back! There is nothing like a good heating pad!


Ya'll need a minky pet.


misspelled minkee...oopsy. Maybe like a minkee dog...or a minkee pig...or a minkee mouse....

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