Friday Foto Finish 10.10.08

This is a hostile takeover!  Froggy McGee here.  I have taken over the minkee blog, I repeat I have taken over the minkee blog.  

It seems our faithful friends did get into that suitcase yesterday and have now left town.  There landed in Atlanta last night and are going to be gone until Sunday.  That means I get to take over the house and do whatever I wish!  I decided that I would find some of the more embarrassing photos of our dynamic duo that they will probably don't want published......

During the early days of minkeedom, look what these two had to wear!

Embarrassing, simply embarrassing!  Guillermo had to wear PULLUPS for two months until he figured out how to go without making a mess.
Bernardo was a little quicker on the potty training, but man did he whine when he had to wear these.  What a wussy!
Ok, Ok..... So, I made it all up.  They didn't have to wear them.  They liked to wear them!  They pretended to be Homer Simpson lounging on the couch watching TV all day.  I'm really just jealous that there isn't a pair of unders that fit me.....  Maybe that's why I'm a cranky frog.....

I think I will go hang out in the sock drawer and see what all that business is about.

Froggy McGee out!

Make sure you visit Candid Carrie Fx4.  Fun will be had by all!



If Froggy McGee had teeth he would look like the green version of Domo. Love the underoo's!

Ronda's Rants

Too cute!!


YUMMY...frog legs!


Thanks for the smiles this morning :)


Thanks for the smiles this morning :)

Mama Dawg

I love Froggy McGee, but I'm glad he doesn't live with me! (hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it)

Hippie Family...

did those say poop of the loom??? omgosh, it's a good thing you dont' have a flag pole with that froggie around.. he's a tough one!

Matt's Miscellany

cool things. I love those little guys.


Cute!! TFS


BWAAHAAHAA. Love the undies pictures. Can't imagine the mess the frog is going to make.


Too Cute! Love the little undies!


love Guillermo and his pullups!

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