Happy Halloween Fx4 10.31.08

Bernardo here. In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to post our favorite fotos taken at Jen's folks' house before daddy/daughter date night. Yes, you read that right they had a date. Click the link to find out more.Jen's mom was supernice and let us have some candy! Three Musketeers are awesome! So light and airy. This pumpkin seemed nice, so we posed with him too.
Guillermo made me pose for this photo. For some reason it makes me uncomfortable. This guy really creeps my out. I wonder why?

I think we found the ragamuffin of the pumpkin world. This lady was a bit creepy. She lights up in some weird neon colors. Guillermo wouldn't let us turn it on, he was afraid his farts may make it explode with the neon gas. Good thing he thinks ahead sometimes.

I have no idea why Guillermo would pose with those two owls in the tree! Everytime they say "Who" he says "Guillermo". It gets quite annoying! The little guy just can't figure it out..... Well, we need to go get ready to go out Trick or Treating (Or as Jen and Brian go out Trick or Drinking). Check out Candid Carrie to play along in Fx4 fun!


Candid Carrie

My husband and I are dressing up as Minkees this year. We are only wearing scarves. We are still arguing over which one of us gets to have the gas problem. I hope I win.


Ha Ha how cute they are!


Cute!! LOL TFS


Tooo funny :-)

Great photos !!!


Happy Halloween to my two favorite Minkee's.


My husband and I enjoyed some Trick or Drinking (okay, mostly drinking) while my 12 year old and his MANY 12 year old friends had a very loud Halloween party at our house.

I'm sure there was some farting going on, too.


I think you need to develop a widget for you blog that we could put on our blogs. :)


Who? Guillermo. Who? Guillermo.

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