Minkee Antics

Whooo.... We're blurry! Hold on.... We can fix this.... Self portraits are such a pain!
Ahhhh, much better! On to todays post.

Jen should know better than to leave unfinished craft projects just lying around. Today we were playing Chakra Minkees. You know the Peter Gabriel song right? You've got to chakra minkee..... Good times, good times!

Jen started making these super cool eye pillows filled with flax seed, lavendar and chamomile. They come in the different chakra colors hence our chakra minkee songs and dance. The finished products smell fantastic (and can even keep a minkee's butt smell from terrorizing the noses in the room). We hope Jen doesn't mind that we emptied them all out. You can't play with them as well when they are filled! Brian is usually pretty cool with us playing with Jen's stuff, but he was hesitant today. He was muttering something about hoping Jen doesn't unstuff us.... I wonder what he means by that. Oh well, we will just deal when Jen gets home. Comence Play Time!!!!!

Jen here. I just got home from work and all I have to say is they are pretty lucky they dumped all of the flax mixture into a bowl. It took them a while, but they refilled seven of them and now I am going to sew them up. I should have sewed them last night so this would'nt have happened. I do belive they have learned their lesson and won't be playing with them again. I learned my lesson as well to never trust a minkee with a craft project!


This Mom

OOOOH rainbow pretty. I can see why the minkees were unable to resist playing with them. though I think I would have rather napped with one.

Mama Dawg

Those are awesome. I totally would have played with them, too.


Chakra Minkee. Excellent!

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