Atlanta Adventure Pt. 2

While we were abandoned in the house last weekend, when everyone else went to the aquarium, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves in a foreign house.  We went around and did some exploring.....

One of the first things we found was a cool pair of clogs from Holland.  We decided to play in them for a while.  It was weird, they were made out of wood, but we made the most of it.

We then found this cool little puppy to take us for a ride.  We tried to get him to fly like in the Never Ending Story, but I guess he couldn't fly, so we just wandered around the sunroom for a while.

We played in the bedroom and became honorary members of the red hat society.  We aren't allowed to speak of our adventures with that, but they are a fun bunch of ladies!

We then found this cool sumo ring.  I kicked Bernardo's butt!  I knocked his ass out.  Well.... I farted in his face and he passed out.  That still counts, right?

After he regained consciousness, we decided to put on a play.  We did our usual rendition of Romeo and Juliet, like always.  We read what we have at home and have memorized the complete works of Shakespeare.... Thanks Jen.  Why don't you go out and get some new books!

Just as we were getting into the play, they came back and we had to go back to our room and play.  We aren't allowed out in public (yet). 

We did have a great time.  Hopefully we can go back soon and have more adventures.

Speaking of adventures, check out Candid Carrie to see what everyone has been up to this week.

Monkey out.



Toooooo cute!!


Lots of monkeyshines this week! I especially like the clog one!


what rascals, those monkeys!! I love the sumo fight! so funny... "and he passed out": too funny!


I loved the the knock-out!
The Never Ending Story was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I recently had my own children watch it, they liked it but I guess it's not as cool as all the CG stuff they have now-a-days.


The red hat society YAY!

Cute, cute, cute.


Thanks for the comment on my blog! Those monkeys sure are cute!


I LOVE your blog. Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I enjoy reading you every chance I get. I don't always leave a comment, but I always visit. Hug the monkeys for me.

Glenda, saved by grace

my husband has knocked me out before- well he farted and I passed out does that count?
This was FFFunnyyyy.
Those silly monkeys


I've been so busy lately that I have totally missed out on the guys antics. I must catch up. Too funny.


Love the Sumo Ring...and that G's foot is still in full contact with B's body. It made me laugh. It reminds me of Stuart from Mad TV for some reason. Those monkeys had a lot of adventures this week.

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