Adventures in Atlanta!

This past weekend we took a trip down to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Brian's brother. It was an awesome trip. We were well behaved so hopefully we will get to go again sometime soon!

It was kinda boring waiting in the airport at first, there was nothing to do. Then Jen suggested that we people watch, which made for a much better time. We saw all kinds of people, most of which gave us funny looks. It was like they had never seen a knit monkey before. How weird is that?

The coolest part of the trip was definitely the plane ride. What an adrenaline rush it is when that plane takes off! We didn't have our own seats, but we got to ride in Jen's carry on, so it wasn't too bad.

Once on the plane we made sure to read the safety information and locate the exits just in case there was an emergency. We listened patiently when the stewardess came over the loud speaker overhead. We asked questions about how to use the floatation devices and everything. (Guillermo also tried to get one of the oxygen masks from the stewardess, but she wouldn't let us play with one.) She was really nice and brought us our own bags of pretzels. I don't know why she didn't bring any for Brian and Jen though. Weird!

Later during the flight, the pretzels didn't agree with Guillermo so much and he had to use a sick bag. I don't think that he really knew what it was for, but apparently he really had to go....

Why he look in the bag to see what it looked like..... well, who knows the answer to that one!

It was really neat to watch the ground as we flew overhead. The world below was filled with tiny little cars and tractors and these little ants all over the place. Jen told us they were people, I don't know they were really small.

Check back later to see more of our Atlanta adventures.



Great photos! You had me rolling with the sick bag!
Atlanta! What a fun trip~ can't wait to see more!


G's tail looks a little suspicious in the first photo:)

Great photo story as usual. I use the barf bag every time I fly...ughh...

Swirl Girl

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

Looks like Guillermo and Bernardo are taking "the mile high club" to the extreme!

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