Happy Monday

Good morning all. It is starting to get cold here in the Midwest. What is a monkey to do with all this cold weather? Cuddle the heck out of this awesome blanket that Jen made. Yep, she made it.
We must admit that when we lived in the jungle we were much more resilient to the varying weather. Since we have become 'house broken' we just can't adjust to the extreme weather changes around here. Maybe we should leave here and head back to our roots and forage in the jungle. However, that would mean we have to leave the executive suites, sock drawer, and all the playing we do around here. I think not! We will have to endure the atmospheric changes and do what we must to make it. We say rain, smain! Extreme weather here we come!

Monkey Out!


This Mom

I LOVE a good snuggle. Especially if it raining.

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