Minkees for President!!

This election day you should go out and do your civic duty and vote. Since those two knuckle heads got nothing on us, we say why not Bernardo for President Guillermo for Vice President this Election Day! We are a shoe in with our fans!!!

O.K. let's be serious.....

Bernardo went down to the local polling place and voted early! He hitched a ride with Brian, stood in line and filled out his ballot. The people at the polling place were quite impressed with how well he handled things! However when he got home, this happened.....

Guillermo was quite the jealous guy! He didn't understand why he didn't get to vote and threw one of his more 'vigorous' tantrums. He gets very possessive when stickers are involved! So, when Jen came home from work he went with her. (Not nearly as polite as B-man, but he was a strutting his stuff in front of all the ladies!)

Now, they are as happy as can be, anxiously watching CNN awaiting the results!


This Mom

OH I am glad BOTH boys got to vote. We want to be fair.

Mama Dawg

Can Bernardo run in 2012? Will he be old enough? How many monkey years to human years (like 7 dog years to 1 human year)?

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