A trip to the doctors office.....

Ever sit in the doctors office wondering what to do? Well, Jen scheduled 2 appointments in one day and took us along for the ride. The first one was to the 'lady' doctor and she wouldn't take us in... I guess its 'cause we are boys and wouldn't understand all the 'stuff' that goes on. (she should have taken us, she would have had something to do while sitting there.)

We did get to go to her other appointment. We lounged around on this big comfy pillow, but we tend to get bored easily, and.....

Well, what did you expect? Two monkeys in a doctor's office with a blood pressure cuff. You are lucky the doctor came in right away, we were headed towards the tongue depressors and the giant jar of Q-tips. We didn't have nearly enough time to play. Next time we will have to get some better photos!!!


Mama Dawg

So, what was your reading?


lmao... love your minkees

The Blue Ridge Gal


I love this... Makes me want one... Wait I've got a sock monkey does that count?? =)


Oh my gosh, that is freakin' hilarious!

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