Oops..... Little problem Jen...

There was a minor flaw when Guillermo was 'reborn' the other day.  His eyes and ears were actually touching.  It was kinda weird looking, but an easy fix.  However, don't leave a minkee on the couch and leave the room because it can create some confusion.....

Bernardo about pooped his britches when he came across this.  He thought that there was some strange ear stealing serial killer in the house and he was going to be the next victim.  Silly minkee! 

We explained to Bernardo that I was fixing his ears and he settled down right away.  By the way, do you like my sparkly mala around Bernardo's neck?  They are really attracted to shiny things.  I just wish he would give it back.....



I love his shocked look LOL


Happy Thanksgiving Minkees!

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