It's too cold out!

Maybe we are just spoiled, but it has been getting waaaay too cold in the apartment lately. These last two days we have had to spend the day donned in socks just to keep warm. Granted, we look pretty darn awesome, but a monkey needs to get out occassionally and stretch their legs and run around. It is pretty hard to do that with it being so cold in here. We have a special request. Could you maybe change the thermostat from 67 to 80..... just for an hour or two for us to warm up..... We didn't think so, can you blame a monkey for trying?



Your blog is awesome! From another Jen who loves Monkeys THANKS!!!



That's the same outfit I wear when I wake up in my cold house!

Mama Dawg

Hey, B & G, psssttt....over here.

Find the matches. Quick.


Fart and light a match... I hear it creates a nice warm flame.


Those are too cute. I love it! But ohhh, I'll take that cool weather. Send some to New Orleans.

Candid Carrie

O M G - you can afford to keep it at 67 degrees IN your house? What the heck? Are you made of money?

We keep it at 60. Yes six zero. Sure I've got the fireplace lit but there is no way I am going to burn money.

The minkees should quit whining and put on an extra scarf.


I love the Omar Sharif Dr. Zhivago hat. Stylin'.

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