Laundry day finds!

Holy crappers Batman, look what we found in the laundry!!!!!
These little gems of awesomeness were just in there waiting for us to find. It took some digging, but when Jen said she saw money in the basket when it was coming out of the dryer we had to go for it! B-man went to town and started throwing all the clothes out going for the cash. I got a little side tracked by putting socks on my head (go figure) I was looking for the dryer sheet anyway. Added bonus, we have another dollar in our minkeebank!!! What should a minkee buy.....


Mama Dawg


Candid Carrie

Seriously, the dollar bill on his head? Upside down? And backwards?

I know, I am probably the only one that thinks money can only be photographed in one way, right?

I can't stop giggling. And that little dryer sheet looks like a minkee sized shower pouf that they would use on suds and bubble night!


I thought the dryer sheet was lint from the lint tray until I read the post. Certainly makes a cute fluffy minkee hat.

As for the money.... maybe they should buy minkee ugg boots to help stay warm.


I love how these minkees always keep themselves occupied. They are very creative, indeed. :-)

This Mom

Wow do the boys smell april rain fresh???


You minkees should be very careful. Don't you know that money laundering is illegal?

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